Environmental Monitoring

Dissolved Air Flotation

Platypus Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Test Accessories Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is an alternative water clarification process using micro air bubbles to attach and float flocculated particles and suspended matter, including slow settling colloids, algae, hydroxides, finely divided particulate matter and hydrocarbons to a basin’s water surface. DAF is particularly […]

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Calibration Solutions

Buffer Solutions pH buffers standardised at 250C and colour coded for easy recognition. Our buffers are electrometrically checked against standard primary buffer solutions in accordance with NIST using traceable reagents. Certificates of analysis are available on request. Available in pH4, pH7, & pH10 – 500ml or 1Litre […]

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Jar Tester Flocculator – DAF

Platypus Jar Tester Operations and designer tools to assess the physical and chemical treatment of surface and ground waters.   Test Scope: coagulants, polymers, alkalinity treatment metals oxidation settlement rates pre-treatment for flotation tests reaction kinetics mixing and flocculation energy evaluation metal residuals World Class Product superior […]

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Turbidity Meters

Turbidity Meters – Portable  (Turbidimeters) TN100-IR Portable Turbidimeter (waterproof) The microprocessor-based waterproof TN100 meter is an easy-to-use turbidimeter that meets the rigour of rugged field applications. It is a “must -have” for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go. Using an Infrared light source, it delivers laboratory accuracy […]

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Solvent & Solvent Reclaimer

HORIBA S-316 Solvent Extraction solvent for oil in water  HORIBA Oil Content Analysers, OCMA series, all use the highly effective, environmentally-safe S-316 extraction solvent to extract the oil components from oily water samples, soil samples, or product surfaces. The extract is analysed using IR absorbance, a non-dispersive […]

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pH Electrodes

Horiba pH Electrodes suitable for all Horiba bench and portable meters These electrodes are refillable type (except for 9651-10D GEL FILLED) and require pH reference filling soln #300. 3-in-1 pH Electrodes  (Waterproof, Silver Ion Trap Construction) 3-in-1 electrodes incorporate a glass electrode and a reference electrode – […]

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MultiParameter Meters

Horiba U-50 Series MultiParameter Meters Overview Measure and display 11 parameters simultaneously with newly designed control unit and sensor technology. Intuitive software assures ease of use and operation efficiency. Experience the durability and performance of a water quality meter that exceeds your expectations in the field testing of […]

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Ion Selective Electrodes

Use only combination type ion electrodes for HORIBA D-53 / D-73 portable meters. Reference electrodes are needed for measuring ion besides combination electrode. Cyanide ion electrode 8001-10C ( Requires separate reference electrode) Chloride ion electrode (combination) 6560-10C Chloride ion electrode 8002-10C (requires separate reference electrode ) Sulfide […]

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Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes for Horiba D.O. Meters DO Electrode 9520-10D – For laboratories Waterproof. Uses a thermistor with a disposable cartridge-type electrode 7541 as the thermometric element. DO Electrode 9551-20D – For field immersible type (2 m cable) Waterproof. Uses a thermistor with a disposable chip-type electrode 5401 […]

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Conductivity Electrodes

Conductivity Electrodes for Horiba bench and portable meters Conductivity Cells (Submersible Type) 3551-10D For low conductivity water(deionized water or other) Conductivity Cells (Submersible Type) 3552-10D For general purposes(provided as a standard accessory for the DS-70 series) Conductivity Cells (Submersible Type) 3553-10D For high conductivity water Conductivity Cells […]

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