Joint Clips

For securing conical and spherical glass joints. QGC clips have PTFE-encapsulated steel springs, are highly resistant to chemical attack and can be used up to 250°C. QKC and QKS clips are Delrin® polyacetal, colour-coded, suitable for use up to 80°C and with most chemicals except halogen gases […]

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Stoppers & Tubes

Stoppers Hollow blown to reduce weight and closed at the lower end. Long Handle Stoppers For iodine flasks   Tubes Air/steam inlet, plain Plain air/steam inlet tube for use with size 13 screwcap adapter. Because the adapter allows variation in depth of immersion, the tube can be […]

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Separating & Dropping Funnels

Separating & Dropping Funnels Separating Pear shape, plain stem, GP Rotaflo stopcock. Separating Conical, plain stem ,GP Rotaflo stopcock. Dropping Cylindrical, stem in line with cone, glass stopcock or GP Rotaflo stopcock. Glass stopcock GP Rotaflo stopcock Separating Pear shape, glass or GP Rotaflo stopcock. Glass stopcock […]

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Recovery bends, sloping Recovery bends, vertical Plain With thermometer sockets. Claisen heads, sloping Splash head adapter Splash heads, sloping Splash heads, vertical Steam distillation head, sloping Supplied complete with screwthread safety connector (AD255-10). AD255-10 Spare screwthread tubing connector 4510/02 for above AD256-06 Spare Viton sleeve 4511/02 Splash […]

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Measures & Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)

Measures Tilt Measures The tilt measures can be fitted to any vessel having a 24/29 socket (e.g. FE250/3) and comprise an outer body with separate internal measure. Tilt measure bodies are supplied complete with plastic screwcaps QC28/13, silicone rubber ring QR28/11 and PTFE washer QW28/11. Thread size […]

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Screwthread Joints

Screwthread Joints A versatile system of couplings with standard glass screwthreads to which heat and chemically resistant melamine caps are fitted. An aperture in the top of each cap allows the fitting to pass through and be held in position by compression of a silicone rubber ring […]

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Socket Joints & Rotulex Joints

SOCKET JOINTS Rolled shoulder, single Unbadged ROTULEX JOINTS Rotulex glass/PTFE spherical A grease-free alternative to conventional ground glass spherical joints. Maximum working temperature 200°C and may be used under vacuum. The pathway is glass and PTFE. The complete connection is made up of one each male and […]

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Flat Flange Joints & Spherical Joints

Flat flange Joints Can be used at high temperatures without risk of seizure. The mating surfaces of the flanges are fine ground. Clips for flat flange joints To fit joints with bore diameters as indicated. Supplied singly. SPHERICAL JOINTS Spherical, ball and cup Spherical joints are intended […]

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Cone Joints

Plain end, single, Quickfit badged Plain end, single, unbadged With long tip, double PTFE Sleeves, Azlon For fitting over ground glass cones to provide greaseless lubrication. Wall thickness 0.07mm, taper 1:10. Supplied in packs of 10

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Flasks – Reaction & Lids

Wide neck reaction flasks A range of spherical* flasks from semi-micro to pilot plant scale fitted with large diameter flat flange joints. This design has several advantages over conventional conical jointed flasks. Lids can be easily detached Large stirrers can be accommodated Vessels can be easily cleaned […]

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