Density Hydrometers

The standard BS 718 : 1991 is generally aligned with ISO 387 and ISO 649. The specification includes five series and three sub-series of Hydrometers, of which the most widely used are listed. They are calibrated using the accepted units of density: grams per milliliter (g/ml). BS718:1991 […]

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Milk Hydrometers

For measuring the density of milk. These hydrometers are calibrated in either grams per mililitre, Degrees Specific Gravity or Degrees Quevenne. 1° Quevenne = 0.001 °SG Milk Hydrometers to BS 734 : Part 1 : 1973 Calibrated in grams/ml and adjusted at 20¡C. Designations 1 and 2 […]

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Baumé Hydrometers

The Baumé hydrometers listed are for liquids heavier than water. Zero degrees Baumé equates to an SG 60/60°F of 1.00. This scale uses the accepted relationship where one degree Baumé = 145 – [ 145 / ( SG 60/60°F ) ] The instruments are all 250mm long and […]

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Brix Hydrometers

Brix Hydrometers are used for measuring the percentage of sugar and commonly used in wine production. The Brix scale is the equivalent to Balling and Plato scales. Adjusted at 15.6°C (60°F) for a surface tension 55mN/m. Hydrometer Range Subdivision Length Product No 0 to 10 Brix 0.1 […]

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Soil Hydrometers

280mm long Soil Hydrometers for use in Soil Analysis. Adjusted at 68°F. Product Range °SG Subdivision Length Product No ASTM 151H Soil Hydrometer 0.995 to 1.038 0.001 280mm 09/151/0 Product Range grams/liter Subdivision Length Product No ASTM 152H Soil Hydrometer -5 to 60 1.0 280mm 09/152/0

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ASTM Hydrometers

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specification E 100 describes hydrometers using the API (American Petroleum Institute) scale and others in degrees Specific Gravity. 330mm Long Plain Hydrometers – American Petroleum Institute API Scale adjusted at 60°F for Petroleum Products and other liquids of low […]

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Specific Gravity Hydrometers

The specific gravity 60/60°F scale compares the relative density of a given liquid with that of water, at 60°F (15.6°C). The instruments listed are similar to hydrometers included in ISO 650 and in the (now superseded) 1960 issue of BS 718. General Purpose Specific Gravity Hydrometers Series […]

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