Microscopes & Accessories

Slide Storage & Transport

Microscope slide storage and transport Preparation pasteboards for microscope slides 76 x 26 mm made of cardboard with cover with reinforced textile tape in the fold capable to endure numerous openings and closings with index card on the outside thanks to its recessed grips microscope slides can […]

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Counting Chambers

Counting Chambers, haemacytometers Marienfeld Superior Counting chambers with V-slash Counting chambers with V-slash at the exterior sides of the chamber bottom offer various advantages: the V-slash facilitates the feeding of the capillary gap between chamber bottom and haemacytometer cover glass the risk of overflow is reduced Approved for in-vitro […]

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Cover Glasses

Cover glasses (coverslips) Cover glasses thickness No. 1 Marienfeld Superior cover glasses feature an excellent flatness and smooth surfaces thanks to the best material. No cover glasses made of soda lime glass match the quality of our borosilicate glass coverslips. Even when archived for years preparations keep their optical quality […]

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Microscope Slides

Microscope slides, thickness approx. 1 mm ( Marienfeld Superior) Marienfeld Superior high quality microscope slides manufactured in Germany dimensions approx. 76 x 26 mm acc.to DIN ISO 8037/1, ground edges, with and without frosted marking area. Microscope slides 76mm x 26mm x 1mm with 90° ground edges […]

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