Spectrophotometer Cells

We supply many types of UV­VIS-NIR spectrophotometer cells including micro-cells. Samples to be measured for absorbance or transmission are held in cells for all common spectrophotometers. Our cells comply with international standards and are compatible with many brands of spectrophotometers. Now it has formed 16 series and […]

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Hollow Cathode Lamps

High Intensity HCL 50mm (2″) HCL 50mm (2″) High Intensity HCL 37mm (1.5″) HCL 37mm (1.5″) Deuterium Lamp (Background Correction) Specifications Glowing starting voltage – 300V Radiation stability – 1% over 30 minutes Size: 2” for Perkin-Elmer – Diameter: 50 mm, Length: 180 mm Size: 1.5” lamps – Diameter: 38 mm, […]

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