Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • High Intensity HCL 50mm (2″)
  • HCL 50mm (2″)
  • High Intensity HCL 37mm (1.5″)
  • HCL 37mm (1.5″)
  • Deuterium Lamp (Background Correction)


  • Glowing starting voltage – 300V
  • Radiation stability – 1% over 30 minutes
  • Size: 2” for Perkin-Elmer – Diameter: 50 mm, Length: 180 mm
  • Size: 1.5” lamps – Diameter: 38 mm, Length: 160 mm
  • Start Voltage – ≤350V
  • Background – The background strength near the main analysis line is lower than 1% of the analysis strength
  • Time for warm-up – <30min, usually from 5-15min
  • Stability – baseline drift of copper lamp within 30min <1%, baseline drift of lamps of other elements within 5min <1%
  • Noise – <0.3%
  • Service life – lamps with common elements ≥5000mA.h, lamps with fusible and volatile elements ≥3000mA.h
  • Maximum working current – from 10-20Ma

Hollow Cathode LampsKY-1 Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Size (mm): 38×150
  • Arrangement of pipe base: standard eight feet type, four feet used, cathode for foot 1 and 5, anticathode for foot 3 and 7

Hollow Cathode LampsKY-2 Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Size (mm): 38×150
  • Arrangement of pipe base: Standard eight feet type, two feet used, cathode for foot 1, anticathode for foot 3

Hollow Cathode LampsKY-MF Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Size (mm): 38×150
  • Arrangement of pipe base: Standard eight feet type, cathode for foot 1, anticathode for foot 3

Hollow Cathode LampsKY-AF Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Size (mm): 50×140
  • Arrangement of pipe base: Cathode for foot 1 and anticathode for foot 3 and 7, special plug

Hollow Cathode LampsKY-PE Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • Size (mm): 50×180
  • Arrangement of pipe base: Down-lead plug is the same with that of Hollow cathode Lamp by PE Company


  • High Intensity: Our lamps are specially designed to emit high intensity at the recommended operating current, resulting in low S/N ratio.
  • Low Operating Current: Our lamps may be operated at only half the instru­ment manufacturer’s recommended current for sufficient intensity, resulting in long lifetime of the lamps.
  • Design: Our lamps are specially designed to meet or exceed requirements for various types of AAS, and to provide low detection limits for your most dif­ficult analysis. We also manufacture Argon and/or Neon gas-filled lamps.
  • Quality Control: We  utilise Total Quality Control (TQC) to monitor, control and inspect every single step of the hollow cathode lamp manufac­turing process. The materials are carefully selected in our manufacturing to avoid spectral interference from the fill gas or impurities in the cathode material.
  • Wide Selection: Single-element & multi-element lamps.

List of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Manufacturers

We are able to supply more than 60 different hollow cathode lamps of both 37mm (1.5″) and 50mm (2″) diameter, a variety of Deuterium lamps and High Intensity Hollow Cathode Lamps for use with most available spectrometers.

Our hollow cathode lamps can be used in Atomic Absorption Spectrometers manufactured by:

  • Perkin-Elmer, coded and uncoded Varian
  • BUCK Scientific
  • GBC
  • Hitachi
  • Shimadzu
  • Thermal Jarrel Ash IL
  • Unicom LEEMAN Labs Phillips

Over 60 varieties:



    Li   Be    B    C    N    O    F  Ne
  Na  Mg   Al    Si   P    S   Cl   Ar
    K   Ca   Sc   Ti   V   Cr   Mn   Fe   Co   Ni  Cu  Zn  Ga  Ge   As  Se   Br   Kr
  Rb   Sr    Y   Zr   Nb  Mo   Tc   Ru   Rh   Pd  Ag  Cd   In   Sn  Sb   Te    I  Xe
  Cs   BaLa-Lu   Hf   Ta    W   Re   Os    Ir   Pt  Au  Hg   Tl   Pb   Bi   Po   At  Rn
   Fr   RaAc-Lr
4f   La   Ce   Pr   Nb  Pm  Sm   Eu  Gd   Tb  Dy  Ho   Er  Tm  Yb   Lu
5f   Ac   Th   Pa    U   Np   Pu  Am  Cm  Bk   Cf   Es  Fm  Md  No   Lr

Element lamps include over 60 varieties

Hollow Cathode Lamps

Cathode Activator – special power supply for hollow cathode lamps

The HCL Activator is a power supply specially designed to activate hollow cathode lamps. In general, the emission intensity and stability of an HCL can diminish after prolonged storage (longer than 3 months), or after prolonged operation. After Treatments with the HCL Activator, the durability of the lamp and the stability of the emission signal can improve dramatically.

DL series deuterium lamps

Are the ideal light source for ultra violet spectrophotometers, liquid chromatography, ultra violet energy test and atomic absorption spectrum background deduction.

deuterium lamps  deuterium lamps




Anticathode Current

Pipe Voltage

Filament Voltage

Filament Voltage

Service Life

DL 2.5

<300 V DC

Max 300mA DC





DL 10

<300 V DC

Max 300mA DC





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