Jar Tester Flocculator – DAF

Platypus Jar Tester

Operations and designer tools to assess the physical and chemical treatment of surface and ground waters.


jartester4GTest Scope:

  • coagulants, polymers, alkalinity treatment
  • metals oxidation
  • settlement rates
  • pre-treatment for flotation tests
  • reaction kinetics
  • mixing and flocculation energy evaluation
  • metal residuals

World Class Product

  • superior technology, materials, safety, functionality and presentation
  • relevant European, US and Australian Standards and Marks
  • advanced LED backlighting

Independent Mixing Stations

  • programmable speed and time settings for each of three flocculation stages – at each station

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Download Velocity Gradients – 1l Jars

Download Velocity Gradients – 2l Jars

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4G_Platypus_Jar_Tester_Decal2Advanced Backlighting

  • LED backlighting ensure Jar contents under test are not heat impacted
  • ice white light contrasts solids in suspension

Digitally controlled, easy to operate

  • LED speed, time, alarm and status displays
  • three programmable flocculation stages
  • independently programmable duration and speed for each flocculation stage
  • paddle speed is not inferred. Paddle speed settings are Hall Effect speed controlled to
  • set point – notwithstanding commonly experienced water temperature variations/
  • viscosity and paddle type and size
  • tactile membrane decals

squarejar2Square Jars

  • durable, clear polycarbonate materials
  • injection moulded; easy to clean fillets at the Jar floor, walls and corners
  • anti-slip top lips for wet environments
  • geometric emulation of plant mixing and flocculation shear gradients

1L or 2L Jars with or without supernatant sample taps

1L Jar without sample tap

2L Jar without sample tap

2L Jar with sample tap

Velocity Gradient Tables:

  • Velocity gradient translation Tables provide bench test correlation of Jar mixing energy under variable water temperature, paddle type and size to determine optimum plant velocity gradient requirements
  • Better bench test emulation of plant flocculation conditions – facilitates accurate determination of optimum plant flocculation energy input needs

Safe Operation In Wet Environments:

  • low voltage internal power
  • splash proof membrane decals


  • low noise power transmission belts


Platypus Jar Tester Carry Case

  • Internal foam cradle protection
  • Internally recessed retractable handle
  • Twin core fluted PP walls
  • Heavy duty wheels






butterflypaddle axialpaddleClip-On Polycarbonate Paddles

  • small, large, butterfly radial and axial flow paddles
  • easy to clean
  • emulate plant flocculation type
  • select paddle to suit velocity gradients

15VDC External Power Supply:

  • AS/NZS CISPR 11 (C tick)
  • UL 1950 (safety)
  • EN 60950 (safety)
  • EN 55022 Class B (EMC)
  • EN 61000 series (EMC), CE – relevant as below

EMC Compliance:

  • FCC Part 15 Class A
  • AS/NZS CISPR 11 (C tick)
  • EN 61326:2002 (emissions and immunity)
  • EN 61000-4-2 (ESD)
  • EN 61000-4-3 (Radiated field)
  • EN 61000-4-4 (EFT/Burst)
  • EN 61000-4-5 (Surge)
  • EN 61000-4-6 (Conducted RF)
  • EN 61000-4-8 (Magnetic field)
  • EN 61000-4-11 (Voltage dips)
  • EN 61000-3-2 (Harmonics)
  • EN 61000-3-3 (Flicker)
  • CE

Part Numbers:

  • 4GJT – 4G Platypus Jar Tester without jars
  • 4GJT1L – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 1L jars
  • 4GJT2L – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 2L jars
  • 4GJT2LT – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 2L jars & taps
  • 4GJ1 – 1L jar without sample tap
  • 4GJ2 – 2L jar without sample tap
  • 4GJ2T – 2L jar with sample tap
  • 4GDC – Vinyl dust cover, water resistant
  • 4GCC – Platypus Jar Tester Carry Case

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