pH Electrodes

horiba ph electrodesHoriba pH Electrodes suitable for all Horiba bench and portable meters

These electrodes are refillable type (except for 9651-10D GEL FILLED) and require pH reference filling soln #300.

3-in-1 pH Electrodes  (Waterproof, Silver Ion Trap Construction)

3-in-1 electrodes incorporate a glass electrode and a reference electrode – plus a temperature compensation electrode – into a single unit.

Standard plastic body gel filled pH electrode 9651-10D

Cased in a plastic body to enable field measurements. Gel filled electrolyte means no refilling is required. Submerged measurements in depths up to 1m (for up to 30 minutes). Waterproof, Pb free.

Supplied as standard pH/Temp electrode for all HORIBA portable pH meters.

Horiba ph electrodesStandard ToupH electrode 9615S-10D

To get stable measurements for a wide range of test samples

pH fast response glass membrane (Patent pending)

The membrane contains HORIBA’s unique combination of rare earth metals to improve response time by twofold and to increase durability against chemical substances.

Quick stability, and reduction of drift.

Perfect for preparing buffers. Can be used on a wide range of aqueous test solutions.

Uses responsive glass that is 10 times stronger than JIS standards. The domed shape tip provides strength in all directions, greatly reducing damage concerns

Horiba ph electrodesStandard plastic body pH electrode 9625-10D

Cased in a plastic body to enable field measurements. The slide-type internal solution filler permits submerged measurements in depths up to 1m (for up to 30 minutes)  Waterproof, Pb free

Horiba ph electrodesFor Tap water 9630-10D

Quick and stable measurement is possible for low conductivity samples or those with low buffering ability, such as tap water. Suitable for water quality testing at water treatment plants.

Horiba ph electrodesFor Hydrofluoric acid sample 9631-10D

Long life capable of measuring about 1000 times. Easy maintenance and long-term reliable measurement is possible. Suitable for management of hydrofluoric acid contained water that is discharged after etching process.

Horiba ph electrodesFor Strong alkali sample 9632-10D

A strong alkali resistance achieves about five times longer stability than that of our conventional products. It is suitable for the strong alkali samples such as plating solution.

Horiba ph electrodesSleeve ToupH glass electrode 9681-10D

To measure highly viscous samples

Stable measurement can also be achieved for highly viscous samples.

ph electrodesMicro ToupH glass electrode 9618-10D

To measure extremely small samples.

This pH electrode with temperature compensation sensor can take measurements from samples as small as 50 μL*, the smallest in the world with in-built temp sensor.

ph electrodesLong ToupH glass electrode 9680-10D

To measure using a large container

283 mm length & 8 mm diameter. The long, thin design makes this electrode perfect for measuring   in large containers and test tubes.

3-in-1 pH Electrodes, standard type

ph electrodes3-in-1 Electrode 6367-10D

Standard type (sleeve)

Uses a sleeve for the liquid junction, improving the stability and repeatability. For measuring pH at high accuracy.

ph electrodes3-in-1 Electrode 6377-10D

For measurement of low-conductivity water and   non-aqueous solvents

Uses a glass membrane highly sensitive to low conductivity water and non-aqueous solvents. Movable sleeve used at the liquid junction.

 ph electrodes3-in-1 Electrode 6252-10D

For food application (needle type)

Needle electrode allows measurement of aqueous solutions too.

 Combination Electrodes (without temp sensor)

[A combination electrode incorporating a glass electrode and  a reference electrode into single unit. Please use combination electrode together with temperature compensation electrode.]

ph electrodesCombination Electrode 6069-10C

For very slender test tubes

For measuring pH of a small amount of sample in a slender tube (more than 3.5 mm dia.) such as a NMR test tube.

ph electrodesCombination Electrode 6261-10C

Flat type

Since the pH response membrane and the liquid junction are located on the same surface, pH values on the surfaces of skin, leather, paper, and leaves can be measured.

Glass Electrodes

[Reference electrodes and temperature compensation electrodes are needed for measurement glass electrode is used.]

ph electrodesGlass Electrode 1066A-10C

Standard type

Very durable minimum alkali errors. Most widely used for general pH measurements.

ph electrodesGlass Electrode 1076A-10C

For measurement of low-conductivity water and non-aqueous solvents.

Uses a glass membrane highly sensitive to low conductivity water and non aqueous solvents. Can also be used for ordinary pH measurement.

Reference Electrodes

ph electrodesReference Electrode 2060A-10T

Standard type

Suitable for a wide range of pH measurements since the resistance of the liquid junction is small.

ph electrodesReference Electrode 2565A-10T

Double-junciton type

Suitable for measurements of liquid other than normal aqueous solutions, such as suspensions,   emulsions, paste, and non-aqueous solutions. When the potassium chloride solution of the  internal solution reacts with the sample

ORP Electrode

ph electrodesMetallic Electrodes (For ORP Measurement) 9300-10D

Waterproof platinum combination type

Waterproof. Uses a flat type metallic electrode, which allows a small amount of sample to be measured.

Temperature Compensation Electrodes

ISFET ElectrodesTemperature Compensation Electrode 4163-10 T

Used to automatically compensate the changes in the electromotive force of the pH electrode due to temperatures and also to measure temperatures.

ISFET Electrodes

ISFET ElectrodesFlat ISFET pH electrode 0040-10D

To measure the surface of solid samples

The sensor is located on the flat surface of the tip, with less than a 100 μm difference from the housing.

0141 Replacement sensor for 0040-10D

Replacement for 0040-10D

Electrode line up

Electrode specifications

pH electrode selection guide


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