Vacuum Drying Ovens

vacuum-drying-ovenVacuum Drying Ovens (up to +400ºC)

Models: V01 to V06

(Ambient +5ºC to 400ºC)

Labec Vacuum Oven is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Used where the entire heat-treating process is to take place under vacuum or a precisely controlled atmospheres. An inconel element inside the vacuum chamber either wall or centre mounted with valves for the vacuum, bleed and purge of the oven chamber. Available in cylindrical or square chamber up to 100 litres capacity and temperature ranges of Ambient +5°C to 400°C, (See model specifications).


  • Available in 6 Models
  • Capacity (L): 37 ~ 100
  • Temp. Controller: Digital PID Controller
  • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
  • Temp. Max: 400°C (see specifications)
  • Temp. Setting Accuracy: 0.1°C
  • Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.2°C
  • Temp. Sensor: Type K
  • Heating System: Electric Element
  • Weight (kg): 60 ~ 125


digital-vacuum-ovensPrecise Digital Vacuum Drying Oven (up to +250°C)

Models : D-WOV-30 | D-WOV-70

(Ambient +5°C to 250°C)

Labec Precise Digital Vacuum Drying Oven is suitable for drying, baking, conditioning, curing, out-gassing solids and liquids, vacuum embedding, moisture testing, plating, aging test. A digital PID control system implementing superior temperature accuracy. Innovative easy-to-use controller with back-light LCD. RS232C interface for remote monitoring and controlling with PC. Selectable auto-run or manual-run, superior uniformity and stability, very easy and convenient for vacuuming and venting, easy to read vacuum gauge.



  • Available in 2 Models
  • Capacity (L): 30 | 69
  • Temp. Controller: Digital PID Controller
  • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
  • Temp. Max: 250°C
  • Temp. Setting Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Temp. Uniformity: ±2% of the temperature reached
  • Temp. Sensor: pt 100


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