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The highest quality Australian made laboratory equipment as well as a select range of products from top level overseas manufacturers are all available through our local sales office. Autoclaves, baths, centrifuges,  incubators, ovens, ultrasonic cleaning baths, water distillers, shakers, mixers, magnetic stirrers, hotplates, hotplate stirrers, pipettors, bottle top dispensers plus many more.

Durable, versatile, high precision measuring instruments are available for a wide range of applications. Laboratory balances, light meters, sound meters, anemometers, refractometers, thermometers, hydrometers, humidity meters, timers etc.

High-quality plasticware, glassware, silicaware, filtration products, microscope slides, coverslips  and supplies designed to perform perfectly in demanding laboratory environments.  Trust products developed by experts in designing for performance, usability and cost-effectiveness. Beakers, connectors,  flasks, measuring cylinders, funnels, pipettes, burettes, petri dishes, jointed glassware like Quickfit, Whatman filters, membrane filters, filter holders,  laboratory bottles, cyto filter cards, parafilm, spectrophotometer cells, sample jars.

Our wide range of laboratory chemicals includes ACS grade reagents, calibration solutions,  high purity acids and solvents for HPLC, GC, Spectroscopy and Pesticide Residue analysis, volumetric solutions, pH buffer solutions ICP & AAS standards, certified ultra pure acids for trace metal analysis and a range of products for specific applications. Whether your working in analytical testing, education, research, food and beverage or manufacturing you will find the right product you need to suit your requirements. Major brands include Chem-Supply, ACR, Ajax, Merck.

Water quality meters for both field use and laboratory applications. These include single and multiparameter meters, conductivity meter, pH meter, turbidity meter, dissolved oxygen meter, optical  dissolved oxygen meter, salinity meter, total dissolved solids meter, nitrate meter, sodium meter, potassium meter, calcium meter, salt meter, chlorine meter.  HORIBA OCMA oil-in-water analyser, S-316 solvent,  U-50 series meters, jar tester with DAF apparatus.   Australian distributor for HORIBA water quality products.

Brushes, forceps, gloves, safety glasses, spatulas, stoppers, rubber tubing, silicone tubing, tube connectors, safety storage cabinets, racks.

Australian Scientific Pty Ltd

Australian Scientific, a wholly owned and operated Australian company, is the one source for all your laboratory needs. Glassware, plasticware, silicaware, consumables, solvents, reagents, general lab chemicals, balances, hydrometers, thermometers, ovens, hotplates, incubators, stirrers, shakers, mixers, water quality meters, liquid handling, filtration and much more…

Australian Scientific Pty Ltd is the authorised importer and distributor for HORIBA water quality products in Australia. We offer after sales service including warranty, calibration, technical support and spare parts for all HORIBA products supplied by our company.

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