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Lovibond Comparator 2000+ **On Sale Now**

Usable in different applications The Comparator 2000+ is versatile: it is used in swimming pools as well as in research centers, universities or general drinking water treatment. Daylight lamp So…
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Pipette Tips

BRAND pipette tips and filter tips contribute to efficient pipetting and precise analysis in the laboratory. With “Made in Germany” quality, they are a perfect fit for high quality micropipettes,…
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Water Distiller

Water Distillers use a cool water supply to convert tap water into high grade distilled water for use in all general applications where distilled water is required. The cold water…
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SALE! Waterproof Platform Scales FG-CWP Series

Introducing A&D’s Highly Washable All Stainless Steel Platform Scales While realizing fast and accurate weighing, A&D’s FG-CWP series of new waterproof platform scales allow cleaning with alcohol as well as…
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GR Series Analytical Electronic Balances

In Stock Now! GR analytical electronic balances feature an internal automatic calibration function as well as an RS232 data output and data logging as standard. Also has unique ergonomic door design. The…
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Sieves – Stainless Steel

High quality test sieves manufactured in the UK to British and international standards BS410/ISO3310:2000 pt.1, suitable for all relevant applications requiring precise particle analysis. Stainless steel seamless frames Certificate of…
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Turbidity Meter

Apera TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter, Large Colored TFT display with graphic and text guides, Accuracy: ±1% or 0.02 NTU, whichever is greater Infrared light source — ISO7027 compliant Easy and…
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Desiccators – Glass

Desiccators are suitable for drying and dehydration processes. If supplied with stopcock, they are also suitable for storage under vacuum. made of borosilicate glass 3.3 very good chemical resistance minimal…
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HORIBA Gloss Checker

Handy Gloss Checker Gloss is an important visual property of an object’s surface. The degree of light reflected from the object’s surface is termed glossiness. However, the perception of glossiness…
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No matter whether you wish to seal beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, weighing bottles or graduated cylinders, the highly elastic and stretchable Parafilm laboratory film fits the opening of any vessel. Its saves…
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