horiba SolventHORIBA S-316 Solvent

Extraction solvent for oil in water 

SolventHORIBA Oil Content Analysers, OCMA series, all use the highly effective, environmentally-safe S-316 extraction solvent to extract the oil components from oily water samples, soil samples, or product surfaces. The extract is analysed using IR absorbance, a non-dispersive infrared spectrophotometric technique which is specific to hydrocarbons such as oil.

SolventThe OCMA instruments measure absorption in the 3.4 to 3.5 micrometer range. The two graphs at the right show the absorption spectra of (1) petroleum and (2) HORIBA S-316 solvent. All hydrocarbons, including oils, absorb infrared radiation at about 3.4 to 3.5 micrometers. As a result, the unit can measure any hydrocarbons in the extraction solvent quickly and accurately, with no distortion of values due to presence of the solvent.

HORIBA S-316 Solvent can be recycled with the aid of the optional SR-305 Solvent Reclaimer. Recycling the solvent not only cuts your solvent costs, but also helps protect the environment.

Supplied in 1.5kg bottles