Electric Steriliser – Dragon 300

Electric Sterilizer Product Features

Fuel-Free Operation: Dragon 300/320 operates on electricity for rapid sterilization, eliminating the need for traditional fuels. This design minimizes the risk of cross-contamination associated with open flames.

Fast & Stable Heating: Equipped with powerful heating elements, Dragon 300/320 allows adjustable temperature settings up to 850°C. This ensures quick and stable heating for efficient sterilization processes.

Wide Entrance: Dragon 320 features a significantly wider entrance, accommodating objects with larger head diameters, extending up to 37 mm.

User-Friendly & Convenient: Designed with a weighted base, loop rack, and adjustable chamber angle (from 45° to 75°), Dragon 300/320 offers user-friendly operation. It is particularly handy and easy to use within laminar flow hoods or anaerobic chambers.

Electric Sterilizer Applications

Culture Tube Sterilization in Microbiological Tests: The electric sterilizer is ideal for the efficient sterilization of culture tubes used in microbiological tests. It ensures a reliable and contaminant-free environment for microbiological experiments.

Heat Sterilization of Inoculating Loop and Needles: The electric sterilizer provides a convenient solution for the heat sterilization of inoculating loops and needles. This crucial step helps prevent contamination during various laboratory procedures, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

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