Heated Water Baths

Heated Water Baths

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Discover the cutting-edge WBx000D series from Ratek, representing a new era in water baths. Crafted by Australia’s leading laboratory equipment brand, these baths redefine temperature control, prioritizing uniformity, safety, and reliability. The WBx000D series, packed with advanced features, is a versatile solution for biomedical, life science, industrial, and food and wine testing. Available in 7, 12, 24, and 50 Litres, these water baths offer precision and innovation to meet diverse lab needs. Elevate your experiments with the latest in laboratory technology from Ratek.

Each model in the series is equipped with precise digital PID control, accompanied by a dual-line LED display that clearly indicates both set and current temperatures. The user-friendly interface includes straightforward up and down temperature control buttons for easy operation. The submerged heater, cleverly concealed, ensures rapid and uniformly distributed heating throughout the bath. The automatic water level sensor additionally functions as a safety feature that cuts power to the heating element when it detects insufficient water, thereby preventing potential boil-dry situations. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of the WBx000D series for your laboratory needs.

Experience peace of mind with the user-configurable process over-temperature audible and visual alarm, ensuring your processes are closely monitored. The tank, crafted from a single piece of food-grade stainless steel, features seamless corners, making cleaning effortless. Each water bath comes with a detachable stainless steel guard, ensuring user safety by shielding them from the heating element while also providing a robust work platform. Conveniently located, the adjustable drain tap allows for easy and safe emptying of the bath. Discover the perfect balance of simplicity and performance in Ratek’s most advanced water baths, designed for reliable day-to-day operation.


Water baths are versatile tools with applications in biomedical, life science, and industrial fields, as well as playing a crucial role in commercial kitchen practices like Sous Vide cooking. They find diverse applications, including sample thawing, bacteriological examinations, warming reagents, coliform determinations, and microbiological assays. The diverse range of uses underscores the significance of water baths in scientific and laboratory settings.. Their flexibility makes water baths essential equipment across a spectrum of scientific and culinary disciplines.
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