NEW! – Compact Micro Premium Balance BA-T Series

Discover the exceptional ease of use and maintenance offered by A&D Borealis BA-T/BA series premium weighing solutions. Experience reliable results alongside significant efficiency and time savings, enhancing your daily laboratory tasks and meeting diverse requirements with ease. Choose professional quality and excellence with A&D Borealis BA-T/BA series for unmatched performance!
Equipped with a spacious 5-inch color touch screen, the BA-T series offers maximum operability, expanded functionality, and a wider array of solutions. Every model includes an external ionizer (static eliminator) as a standard feature.
The breeze break’s side doors can automatically open and close using non-contact IR sensors located on the display unit, or optional foot switches, ensuring smooth and efficient access to the weighing chamber. A&D utilizes a pump and air cylinder mechanism for the actuator, which is quieter and more durable compared to conventional motor actuators.













AD-Just – Automatic Self-Sensitivity Adjustment:
The balance can automatically calibrate and adjust its sensitivity using its internal weight based on preset execution conditions (such as temperature change, preset time, or interval) when the weighing pan is empty. An indicator blinks to notify before the adjustment begins (message for the BA-T series).
Internal Repeatability Test:
The balance can conduct a repeatability test and calculate standard deviation using its internal weight to quickly evaluate performance in a specific environment. For the BA-T series, accessing the repeatability measurement mode is as simple as pressing [P-TEST] on the screen, enabling repeatability testing with both external and internal weights.
External ionizer for instant static removal
With the provided ionizer, you can easily ensure that your sample (and container) is completely free from destabilizing static electricity. Since a DC method is adopted, no fan is needed to deliver ions, and therefore no breeze is caused (except for minimal ionic wind), enabling static removal without disturbing even extremely fine powders.
The ionizer draws power via the balance. For seamless weighing workflows, it can be installed next to the balance and activated for a set duration by hovering your hand over the embedded IR sensor right before a sample is placed inside the breeze break.
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