New HORIBA Oil Content Analysers


Next Generation Oil Content Analyser Sets New StandardsOil content analyser OCMA

Since its introduction in 1975 with more than 5000 oil content analyser instruments delivered worldwide HORIBA is pleased to announce the launch of the latest generation oil content analyser, the OCMA-500 series.

The HORIBA OCMA series is quick and easy to use. The non-dispersive infrared absorption method is the recognised standard for oil in water analysis. Solvent (HORIBA S-316) is added to the sample and mixed for a selected time. The IR absorption of the solvent phase will give an accurate assessment of the oil concentration.

The all new OCMA-500 series has user-friendly menu-guided operations and one touch calibration for reliable results. The analyser can accurately detect and measure both volatile and saturated oils/fats, in the range of 0 to 200mg/l (even higher with dilution) to a repeatability of +/- 2% of the full scale within a matter of minutes. The OCMA-500 holds 300 data points internally, exportable by US. It is even more compact and light weight than the previous model and reduces the usage of HORIBA’s extraction solvent S-316 by 20%.

This advanced instrument performs oil extraction from the sample, concentration analysis and even drainage of the solvent, automatically. There is no requirement for a pump as the fluid is reliably circulated, simply by gravity.

The OCMA series analyser is an efficient and accurate analytical solution to reliably measure the oil concentration in the following applications: Environment; Industry; Marine transportation; Petroleum processing; Oil & Gas; Automotive; Municipal Water Supply.

For over twenty years, the HORIBA OCMA series has become the standard device for oil contamination monitoring in water laboratories. Also manufacturing industries and throughout the oil and gas industry.

Distributed in Australia by Australian Scientific Pty Ltd and available for purchase online here.

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