Balance - Compact

Australian Scientific has been distributing A&D weighing scales, compact balances, and weighing equipment in Australia for over 20 years. We supply compact balances, portable balances and bench scales to some of Australia’s largest organisations and institutions in a wide range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, educational, food, government, health, testing, mining, and science, among others. A&D’s reputation for quality, precision and reliability sees A&D balances and weighing scales highly sought after and requested both locally and internationally.

This extensive range of weigh scales and electronic balances is well supported with a highly skilled local team that specialise in factory automation, scale service and calibration, food inspection systems, system design, and integration projects.

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The EJ Compact Balance outperforms other higher priced scales while still maintaining a compact size. These accurate, high quality, attractive, stackable units are perfect for applications where portability or easy storage are paramount.


EJ SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES EJ-210 External Calibration EJ-410 External Calibration EJ-610 External Calibration EJ-1500 External Calibration EJ-4100 External Calibration EJ-6100 External Calibration
Capacity 210g 410g 610g 1500g 4100g 6100g
Resolution 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1

Featuring a compact and lightweight design and an easy-to-read LCD screen, these EK-EP Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scales are IECEx compliant, providing an effective weighing solution for a range of applications, including hazardous area weighing. Highly portable, this IECEx scale can easily be taken on the go. This is an intrinsically safe weighing scale, you can trust that the top pan balance will provide precise weight measurement even in potentially explosive or  hazardous environments and workplaces.

EK-EP SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES EK-300EP External Calibration EK-3000EP External Calibration EK-12KEP External Calibration
Capacity 300g 3000g 12kg
Resolution 0.01g 0.1g 1g

A range of high accuracy, portable top pan balances. Accuracies range from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 400g to 12kg. Some models in this series can be NMI Trade Approved at an additional cost. Please contact us for further details.

EK-i SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES EK-410i External Calibration EK-610i External Calibration EK-3000i External Calibration EK-4100i External Calibration EK-6100i External Calibration EK-6000i External Calibration EK-12Ki External Calibration
Capacity 400g 600g 3000g 4000g 6000g 6000g 12kg
Resolution 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g 1g 1g

Ideal for use where large capacity and high resolution are simultaneously required. Large weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or quantities.


EK-L SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES EK-15KL External Calibration EK-30KL External Calibration
Capacity 15kg 30kg
Resolution 0.1g 0.1g/3kg & 1g/30kg

A range of portable top pan balances featuring triple range weighing capability. The EW-i series can be NMI Trade Approved at an additional cost. Please contact us for further details.

EW-i SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES EW-150i External Calibration EW-1500i External Calibration EW-12Ki External Calibration
Capacity 30g / 60g / 150g 300g / 600g / 1500g 3000g / 6000g / 12Kg
Resolution 0.01g / 0.02g / 0.05g 0.1g / 0.2g /0.5g 1g / 2g / 5g

Fully stainless steel top loading balances suitable for harsh environments. Ideal for food preparation.


HL-WP SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES HL-300WP External Calibration HL-1000WP External Calibration HL-3000WP External Calibration HL-3000LWP (Larger Pan) External Calibration
Capacity 300g 1000g 3000g 3000g
Resolution 0.1g 0.5g 1g 1g

The HT Series brings optimum weighing performance to price conscious purchasers. Available with a best capacity of 5kg (1g increment) and a best displayed increment of 0.01g (120g capacity). Comes packaged in a perspex carry case.

HT SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES HT-120 External Calibration HT-300 External Calibration HT-500 External Calibration HT-3000 External Calibration HT-5000 External Calibration
Capacity 120g 310g 510g 3100g 5100g
Resolution 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 1g 1g

NEW!! This scale is ideal for efficient packing! Introducing our latest compact unit. Highly-visible, multi-colored LED comparator lights make packing small fruits, vegetables, etc., within their designated limits much faster and more accurate than a numeric display alone!

HT-CL SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES HT-500CL External Calibration HT-3000CL External Calibration HT-5000CL External Calibration
Capacity 510g 3100g 5100g
Resolution 0.1g 1g 1g

At first glance, you will notice that the SJ-WP series looks remarkably different from other digital scales you may have come across before. With this unique construction, A&D offers a number of innovations that ensures the highest level of protection in weight measurement.

SJ-WP MK2 – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES SJ-3000WP MK2 External Calibration SJ-6000WP MK2 External Calibration SJ-15KWP MK2 External Calibration SJ-30KWP MK2 External Calibration
Capacity 3000g 6000g 15kg 30kg
Resolution 0.5g std 0.1g high 1g std  0.2g high 2g std 0.5g high 5g std 1g high

Stainless steel waterproof scales are ideal for bench tops and are approved for trade use. These scales are available in capacities ranging from 1kg to 20kg, with increments from 0.5g to 10g.


SK-WP SERIES – CLICK HERE FOR PRICES SK-1000WP External Calibration SK-2000WP External Calibration SK-5000WP External Calibration SK-5001WP External Calibration SK-10KWP External Calibration SK-20KWP External Calibration
Capacity 1000g 2000g 5000g 5000g 10000g 20000g
Resolution 0.5g 1g 2g 1g 5g 10g