Electrothermal Heating Mantles

Introducing the HM-200 series Electromantles – precision-crafted in state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facilities to the highest standards of quality. Each mantle undergoes meticulous hand-sewing, ensuring reliability, top-notch quality, and utmost safety in every aspect.

Experience maximum heat transfer to your samples with our innovative design, featuring excellent insulation around the cartridge and extensive flask coverage. The ‘burn off’ procedure at the end of the manufacturing process means these Electrothermal mantles are ready for use straight out of the box.

Designed for flexibility and user-friendly operation, the HM-200 series heating mantle stands as a dependable workhorse for your laboratory heating applications. Equipped with a built-in energy regulator boasting indicator lamps for power and heater operation, these mantles provide a seamless and controlled heating experience.

Safety is paramount, with support rod clamps as a built-in feature, a grounded earth screen, and double fuses for added protection. For larger capacity needs, multiple heating elements ensure an even and directed transfer of heat.

Choose the HM-200 Electromantle series for a reliable, safe, and efficient solution that redefines excellence in laboratory heating applications.

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