Safety Storage Cabinets

Justrite Cabinets stand out as the sole cabinets to undergo fire testing and receive a rating from FM Global, a performance standard widely acknowledged by insurance companies. These cabinets have achieved a remarkable 10-minute fire rating, ensuring that the internal temperature remains below 163 degrees Celsius during testing – a distinction unmatched by any other cabinet available in Australia.

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Corrosive Cabinets – White Polypropylene Construction (Class 8)

When it comes to storing chemicals like Phenol, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, or other substances emitting highly corrosive vapors, we recommend considering our Poly constructed cabinets. These cabinets are specifically designed and manufactured to adhere to AS3780 standards, ensuring the safe storage of corrosive substances. Trust in these cabinets to provide a secure and compliant solution for handling chemicals with potentially harmful properties. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Corrosive Cabinets – Blue Powder Paint Finish (Class 8)

Our Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets come equipped with a Polyethylene tray on each shelf, effectively containing any accidental spillages. Engineered to withstand fires, these cabinets offer a secure environment for the storage of a wide range of corrosive chemicals. Manufactured in compliance with AS3780 standards for the safe storage of Corrosive Substances, these cabinets provide peace of mind for handling hazardous materials. For those requiring storage solutions for chemicals like Phenol, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, or other substances emitting highly corrosive vapors, we highly recommend exploring our Poly constructed cabinets. These cabinets are tailored to meet the specific challenges posed by such corrosive materials, ensuring both safety and compliance in storage practices.

Corrosive Cabinets – Blue Polyethylene Construction (Class 8)

For the secure storage of chemicals like Phenol, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, or other substances with highly corrosive vapors, we recommend exploring our Poly constructed cabinets. These specialized cabinets are designed to provide a safe and effective solution for handling materials known for their corrosive properties. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Flammable Storage Cabinets – Yellow Powder Paint Finish (Class 3)

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets offer a secure and convenient solution for storing various hazardous materials, promoting efficient housekeeping practices. Justrite cabinets stand out as they undergo fire testing to meet FM rating standards, a distinction not claimed by any other cabinets available in Australia. Moreover, these cabinets not only comply with but surpass Australian Standard AS 1940. By providing easy access to materials near the workplace, they eliminate the need for time-consuming and potentially hazardous trips to external storage facilities, contributing to enhanced workplace safety and efficiency. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Organic Peroxide Cabinets (Class 5.2)

These cabinets are meticulously designed to adhere to AS 2714 standards, featuring a sump capacity equivalent to the total contents of the cabinet. In the event of an explosion, the doors are designed to open outward for enhanced safety. As a precaution, the maximum capacity for these cabinets is limited to 100 kg or 100 L. This thoughtful design ensures compliance with safety regulations and minimizes potential risks associated with hazardous materials storage. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Oxidising Agent Cabinets (Class 5.1)

According to Australian Standard AS 4326, the storage regulations for flammable liquids specify that no more than 50 kg or 50 L of Packaging Group 1 substances should be stored in a cabinet. However, a higher quantity, up to 250 kg or 250 L, of Packaging Group II substances is allowed to be stored in one cabinet. These standards are in place to ensure the safe and compliant storage of flammable liquids, taking into consideration the potential risks associated with different substance classifications. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Pesticide Cabinets – Green Powder Paint Finish

These cabinets are purpose-built for the secure storage of pesticides. As a safety precaution, it is essential to install a safety shower and eye/wash station in areas where pesticide packages are opened. This additional safety measure ensures that appropriate emergency response facilities are readily available in case of accidental exposure to pesticides, providing a quick and effective response to potential hazards. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Toxic Substance (Poison) Cabinets 

These cabinets are crafted to meet the standards outlined in AS 4452, ensuring the safe storage of toxic substances. According to this standard, it is mandatory to install a safety shower and eye/wash station in areas where packages containing toxic substances are opened. This requirement emphasizes the importance of having emergency response facilities in place to address potential exposure incidents promptly and effectively. CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Shelves to Suit Corrosive Cabinets
Shelf Model No AU25939 AU25938 AU25930 AU29911 AU25936
Poly Shelf For Cabinet Model AU25748B BOTTOM SHELF AU25748B TOP SHELF AU25452B & AU25302B AU25712B & AU25714B AU25602B

Shelves to suit Flammable Cabinets
Shelf Model No AU25901 AU25909 AU25995 AU25990 AU25915 AU25937 AU25940
Metal Shelf for Cabinet Model AU25302 & AU25452 AU25602 AU25714 & AU25712 AU25304 AU25748 AU25748 AU25716