Autoclaves – Dry Sterilisers – Floor Models

Autoclave (up to +135ºC) – Floor Models Code: AA13 | AA16 | AA18 | AA20 (Ambient +5°C to 135°C) General Purpose Labec brand autoclaves are designed for steam pressure sterilisation, media preparation, waste destruction etc. Modern styling and materials have been used in the construction to ensure ease of maintenance, operation and user […]

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Autoclaves – Dry Sterilisers – bench top

Autoclave – Bench Models (B&S-Class) Code: AA-8BS | AA-12BS | AA-17BS | AA-22BS Hollow & Solid Instruments Labec offer a range of B & S Class Bench Top Autoclaves. For the sterilisation of wrapped, hollow and solid instruments, all Australian TGA approved. Conforms to AS/NZ4815 and European classifications with 3-time pre vacuum preceding […]

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