MICRO CENTRIFUGE 400.003.005 Technical Specifications: Maximum Speed: 7,000rpm Maximum RCF: 2,680 x G Run Time: Continuous Driving Motor: DC Motor Power: 240V/60Hz Noise Level: ≤ 45 dB Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 117mm Weight: 0.5kg Download Brochure MINI CENTRIFUGE 400.003.050 Technical Specifications: Maximum Speed: 15,000rpm Speed Range: […]

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Hotplate Stirrers

Hotplate stirrers ( stirrer hotplate) IKA  Hotplate stirrer, RCT Basic   Polished aluminium heating plate Digital display, safety control, incl PT1000 temp sensor Max volume 20L (H2O) Stirring speed 50-1500rpm Max temp 3100C Brochure stirrer hotplate RCT Basic IKA Hotplate Stirrer C Mag HS7   Chemical resistant ceramic […]

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Autoclaves – Dry Sterilisers – Floor Models

Autoclave (up to +135ºC) – Floor Models Code: AA13 | AA16 | AA18 | AA20 (Ambient +5°C to 135°C) General Purpose Labec brand autoclaves are designed for steam pressure sterilisation, media preparation, waste destruction etc. Modern styling and materials have been used in the construction to ensure ease of maintenance, operation and user […]

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Water Stills

Water Still – stainless steel Water Distiller Code: J-WD | J-WD-1 | J-WD-2 Labec Water Distiller uses a cool water supply to convert tap water into high grade distilled water for use in all general applications where distilled water is required. The cold water can be reused […]

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Autoclaves – Dry Sterilisers – bench top

Autoclave – Bench Models (B&S-Class) Code: AA-8BS | AA-12BS | AA-17BS | AA-22BS Hollow & Solid Instruments Labec offer a range of B & S Class Bench Top Autoclaves. For the sterilisation of wrapped, hollow and solid instruments, all Australian TGA approved. Conforms to AS/NZ4815 and European classifications with 3-time pre vacuum preceding […]

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Incubators – CO2

C02 Incubators Air-Jacketed (Ambient +5ºC to 50ºC) Code: HF90 | HF240 (Ambient +5ºC to 50ºC) 90ºC Moist Heat Disinfection Labec offer two models for the C02 Incubator Air-Jacketed with Direct Heat. The HF90 and HF240 are equipped with 90°C Moist Heat Disinfection System. All accessories and parts inside the […]

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Incubators – Water Jacketed

Water Jacket Incubators – (Ambient +5ºC to 80ºC) Code: IWJ14 to IWJ48 (Ambient +5ºC to 80ºC) Labec Water Jacket Incubators are manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Suitable for applications where non drying of samples is essential and precise […]

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Incubators – Economy & Performer

Incubator – Economy Non Fan Forced – Heat Only (up to +60ºC) Code: IE10 to IE50 Non Fan Forced – Heat Only (Ambient +5°C to 60°C) Labec Heat Only Incubator is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Suitable for applications where general incubation or […]

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Vacuum Drying Ovens

Vacuum Drying Ovens (up to +400ºC) Models: V01 to V06 (Ambient +5ºC to 400ºC) Labec Vacuum Oven is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability. Used where the entire heat-treating process is to take place under vacuum or a precisely […]

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Glassware Drying Ovens

Glassware Drying Ovens (up to +80ºC) Code: GWD115 | GWD225 | GWD520 | GWD1000 (Ambient +5ºC to 80ºC) Labec Glassware Drying Oven is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability with double sliding glass doors for convenient accessibility. An inconel […]

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