Protective Wear

Shoe and Boot Covers

Bastion Shoe and Boot Covers Chlorinated Polyethylene Shoe Covers – Water Proof Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environment Comfortable with good strength and abrasion resistance Boot covers are 500mm high for knee height protection 40 gsm Polypropylene has non-slip sole and good breath ability 0.04mm […]

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Scrub Suit / Sleeve Covers

Scrub Suits / Sleeve Covers   Polyethylene Sleeve Covers Available in 30 gsm polypropylene for particles and hygiene barrier and 0.02mm polyethylene for wet applications 400mm length for excellent protection from wrist to elbow Comfortable with elastic ends for secure fit HACCP certified Packaging Polypropylene Sleeve Covers […]

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Bastion Masks Dust Mask Latex Free Lightweight 180gsm Polypropylene Comfortable with adjustable nose bar For use with nuisance dust only Packaging Surgical Face Masks – With Ear Loops 3 ply BFE > 99% Risk II Excellent breathability Adjustable nose bar for better contour fit Non fluid resistant Lightweight […]

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Lab Coats

Bastion Lab Coats Polypropylene Lab Coats – Blue – 1 Pocket Non woven 40 gsm polypropylene Excellent protection, comfort and breath ability Velcro closures One pocket or no pockets Elastic cuffs Shirt collars HACCP certified for no pocket type Packaging Polypropylene Lab Coats – Blue – No Pockets […]

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Head Wear

Bastion Head Wear Polypropylene Beard Covers – Double Loop Non woven 14 gsm polypropylene Surgeon cap and Hood – 25 gsm Lightweight and comfortable High quality ensuring containment of hair and skin shed HACCP Certified Packaging Polypropylene Beard Covers – Single Loop Non woven 14 gsm polypropylene […]

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Bastions Clinical and Isolation Gowns Polypropylene Clinical Gowns 40 gsm Non woven polypropylene Excellent protection, comfort and breath ability Neck and Waist Ties Elastic Cuffs One size fits all HACCP certified Packaging Polypropylene Isolation Gowns 40 gsm Non woven polypropylene Excellent protection, comfort and breath ability Neck […]

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Aprons & Coveralls

Bastion Aprons & Coveralls Polyethylene Aprons – Hanging/Tear Off Type Waterproof polyethylene Hanging style with individual tear off for ease and increased hygiene 0.03mm thickness for superior strength and protection Lightweight and comfortable 125 x 80cm to fit all sizes with 2 ties at the back HACCP […]

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