Serum Protein Refractometer with ATC

This model of Serum Protein Refractometer is developed for clinical use which can test total serum protein, urine specific gravity and refractive index.  It is suitable for veterinary and human health. Supplied in case with sample dropper and calibration tool. Model Range Min DIV 9581306 0~12g/dl 0.2g/dl 1.000~1.050SG […]

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Salinity refractometers with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Salinity refractometers are designed for quick determination of the concentration of salinity in solutions. It is used for checking saltwater concentration, rinsing solutions for sea products, or in food industries.  Model 9581315 has high accuracy and can also quickly measure the specific gravity of seawater. Supplied with case, […]

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Portable Digital Refractometers

Digital Refractometers Characteristics: Temperature measurement range: 0ºC ~40ºC (32ºF~104ºF). Precision of measurement temperature: 0.5ºC(ºF). Dimension: 135*65*40mm. Net Weight: 200g. Power Supply: 2xAAA(1.5V). Wide choice Automatic temperature compensation. Automatic power management. Specifications Part no. Scale Range Division Accuracy 9581332 Brix (%) 0~45% 0.1 ±0.2 Refractive Index 1.3330~1.4098 0.0001 […]

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Brix Refractometers with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Brix Refractometers are commonly used for low, middle and high range Brix concentration. The low range can be used for high-precision measurement such as fruit juice, tomato juice, cola, and most kinds of beverage. The middle range can be used for concentrated of industrial fluids. The high range […]

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Alcohol refractometers with ATC

This model of alcohol refractometer is made for real alcohol and grape must concentration which can be used by winegrowers and wineries for grape must.  It is designed for T.A (Titre Alcometrique) alcoholic strength which can measure the sugar content in original grape juice and the alcohol […]

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