Analytical Apparatus

analytical apparatus 2Arsenic determination

For the estimation of arsenic by the method which uses the formation of a complex between arsine and silver diethyldithiocarbamate with subsequent measurement at 538 nanometers.

Also suitable for the estimation of antimony.

Part Number Socket size Cone size
Complete assembly
Absorption tube
AD3 24/29
Erlenmeyer flask*
FE100/3 24/29

* Nominal capacity 100ml

Lunge Rey weighing pipetteLunge Rey weighing pipette

Complies with BS 2058. All joints are 10/19.

Part Number   Max wt, g Cap. ml
WB1/0 Pippette 18 4
MF24/0 Cover tube 12 4
FE25/0 Cover flask 16 25

Water Estimation

Dean and Stark apparatus

Receivers for light entrainers

Complies with BS 756. Receivers have 19/26 socket and 24/29 coneanalytical apparatus

Part Number Cap. ml Grad. ml
WE6/23/2 2.0 0.05
WE6/23/7 7.5 0.10
WE6/23/10T 10.0* 0.10
WE6/23/25 25.0 0.20

* With GP Rotaflo stopcock.

Receivers for heavy entrainersReceivers for heavy entrainers

Complies with BS 756. Receivers have a 19/26 socket and 24/29 cone

Part Number Cap. ml Grad. ml
WE7/23/3 3.0 0.05
WE7/23/12 12.5 0.1



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