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horiba bench metersHORIBA have used their unrivalled experience together with detailed feedback from hundreds of customers to develop LAQUA, their most outstanding range of laboratory bench meters yet.

horiba bench meters F-70 series

The HORIBA LAQUA F-70 series and the 1000 series marries advanced technology with stylish design and an easy-to-use touch screen interface. The LAQUA series was developed as a durable meters offering long term reliability for laboratory professionals. Advanced functionalities and a wide array of electrodes provide high precision measurement with improved response time in a huge variety of applications.

LAQUA series includes single or dual channel meters that can measure the most commonly used parameters in electrochemistry such as pH, ORP, Ion, Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, TDS and Temperature and up to six parameters simultaneously.

The meters’ auto diagnostic function allows the user to make sure that the instruments will always give high performance and reliable measurements. Fully GLP/GMP compliant, the LAQUA can be connected to an external printer. To ensure traceability all results are recorded together with sample name, user ID and calibration information.

We offer a comprehensive range of electrodes to measure all key electrochemical parameter as pH, conductivity, ORP, ion, and dissolved oxygen. Our electrodes allow measurement in different containers such as micro tube, ampoule, test tube, beaker, petri dish as well as direct internal or flat measurements on solid samples.

F-70 Series large capacitance touch screen panel:

  • Display easy to understand value and functions menus
  • Switch between digital real time graphs or analogue displays during measurement with just the flick of a finger.
  • Full on-screen support on the meter via an electronic user guide with colour pictures that can be called up at any time, featuring problem solver guide for calibration or measurement.

horiba bench meter F-70 series screen


  • Automatic measurement function reports values when stable
  • Auto ranging and unit selection
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Measurements are automatically linked to the user name and sample ID
  • Interval measurement data logging
  • Upper and lower alarms
  • 5 point calibration with automatic standard recognition (USA/NIST or customized)
  • Set calibration interval and alarm limit out of calibration
  • Periodical calibration check and calibration repeatability function
  • LAQUA alerts you when a new calibration is required
  • Advanced calibration assistance tells you the right moment to perform a calibration
  • Up to 2000 sets of data can be saved on internal memory or external USB
  • Data transfer to computer via USB / RS-232 or analogue output
  • Free download of HORIBA data acquisition software
  • Search data by user, sample name, date and parameter
  • Optional FDA 21 CFR part 11 software available (quotation on request) 
  • F-72 pH/ORP/ION/Temp – (1 channel, touch screen)
  • F-73 pH/ORP/ION/Temp – (2 channel, touch screen)
  • F-74 pH/ORP/ION/Cond/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS/Temp – (2 channel touch screen)
  • DS-72 Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS/Temp – (1 channel touch screen)
  • PH 1100 pH/ORP/Temp – (1 channel black/white LCD)
  • PH 1200 pH/ORP/Temp – (1 channel black/white LCD)
  • PH 1300 pH/ORP/ION/Temp – (1 channel black/white LCD)
  • EC 1100 Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS/Temp – (1 channel black/white LCD)
  • PC 1100 pH/ORP/Cond/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS/Temp – (2 channelblack/white LCD)


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