420300 – Filter Paper Grade 40, 185mm Diameter (Pack of 100)

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Product Description

Filter Paper Grade 40

Of the quantitative papers, Grade 40 is the classic general purpose ashless paper, with medium speed and retention. Some typical applications include:

  • Gravimetric analysis for substances/contaminants in cements, clays, iron, and steel.
  • Separating solid matter in general soil analysis
  • Quantitation of sediments in milk
  • Analytical grade clean-up for atomic absorbance spectroscopy
  • Collection of trace elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere


Grade Typical Particle Retention in Liquid (µm)1 Filtration Speed Herzberg (s) Nominal Ash Content (%)3 Nominal Thickness (µm) Nominal Basis Weight (g/m2) Typical Water Flow Rate (mL/min)2 Nominal Air Flow Rate (s/100 mL/in2)
40 8 0.007 210 95 25 21