Filter Paper Grade 50, 125mm Diameter (Pack of 100)

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Product Description

Filter Paper Grade 50

A small pore size and slow flow rate make Grade 50 well suited for the retention of very fine crystalline precipitates. Its hardened glazed surface doesn’t shed fibers and can withstand wet handling and precipitate removal by scraping. It’s well suited for:

  • Vacuum filtration on Büchner and 3-piece filter funnels
  • Carrying integrated circuits
Grade Typical Particle Retention in Liquid (µm)1 Nominal Ash Content (%)3 Nominal Thickness (µm) Nominal Basis Weight (g/m2) Typical Water Flow Rate (mL/min)2 Nominal Air Flow Rate (s/100 mL/in2)
50 2.7 0.015 115 96 10 144