420410 – Filter Paper Grade 54, 90mm Diameter (Pack of 100)

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Product Description

Filter Paper Grade 54

Whatman Grade 54 hardened low ash quantitative filter paper for Büchner funnel and Hirsch funnel filtration enables fast vacuum suction filtration for recrystallization applications.

This hard, smooth, high wet-strength Grade 54 fast filter paper enables collection of coarse and gelatinous precipitates with minimal fiber shredding, even when wet.

Grade Typical Particle Retention in Liquid (µm)1 Nominal Ash Content (%)3 Nominal Thickness (µm) Nominal Basis Weight (g/m2) Typical Water Flow Rate (mL/min)2 Nominal Air Flow Rate (s/100 mL/in2)
54 22 0.015 185 90 453 3