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For more than 20 years HORIBA has lead the field of gloss meter instrumentation. Today in excess of 50,000 HORIBA Gloss Checkers are being used around the world. On the strength of this experience HORIBA gloss checkers are the recognized standard instrument, especially in the floor maintenance and stone processing industries.

Horiba Gloss metersIG-410

Dual range checker for Gloss and Ultra High Gloss measurement

The IG-410 measures ultra high gloss surfaces such as polished metal. The meter has ten times greater measurement range than the conventional model. Even mirror finishes can be measured too.

Weighing in at only 350g (1.3 lbs), this battery operated instrument is designed to be portable. Fast and reliable measurement by simple one-touch operation. LED light sources give <100,000 hours service so there is no need to exchange these parts due to lifetime.

The IG-410 has two user-selectable measurement ranges, depending on the sample to be measured. Low gloss samples can be measured using the 0-100 range and high gloss samples can be measured using the 0-1000 range. Two calibration plates are provided to allow the user to follow a simple one-touch calibration procedure to ensure reproducible results.

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  • Latest model Gloss Checker now checks Ultra high gloss surface finishes
  • Compact, lightweight and detachable probe design
  • Dual range extends measurement resolution in the low gloss range

Horiba Gloss metersIG-320

Gloss is a surface’s attribute of directly reflecting light and the degree of this reflected light is termed glossiness. The IG-320 measurement angle is set at the 60° standard angle allowing discerning even the lowest levels of gloss and provides a definite numerical value for glossiness. The IG-320 provides accurately and instantaneously measurement from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished texture for such operations management areas as floor maintenance, polishing, and coating. Up to 99 measurements can be taken with a simple key operation and averaged using another key. Up to 99 averages can be stored for later use. Easy data management promises smooth inspection work. Because the IG-320 does not require the use of special measuring technology, it can easily be used by anyone.

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  • High precision Measurement range
  • Internal memory
  • Average mode
  • Measuring angle 60°

Horiba Gloss metersIG-331

Designed for greater ease of operation, maintain clean surfaces and improve quality control inspection in various industrial applications.

High efficiency and flexibility utilizing a separate detector and light source, offers the ability to switch between 60 degree measuring angle for standard gloss measurement, and 20 degree measuring angle for high-gloss surfaces with gloss values over 70.

The flexible connection between the probe and display unit ensures greater work efficiency.

Just one touch of the calibration key starts the automatic sequential zero-span calibration.

Click here to download IG-331 Brochure.


  • High efficiency measurement
  • Measuring angles 20° and 60°
  • Flexible use with its remote probe

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