Grade 43 – Whatman Filter Paper

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Product Description

Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 43

Quantitative Grade


L – Suitable for gravity or low suction filtration. Care must be taken to prevent rupture of paper

M – Will withstand all normal use on Buchner Funnels or others devices under suction or moderate pressure

H – High wet strength and high chemical resistance

Grade No


Flow rate

Retention microns

Wet Strength

Thickness, mm

Ash %


Intermediate retention and flow rate between Nos 40 and 41






This filter paper sits between grades 40 and 41 in terms of particle retention but has twice the flow rate of Grade 40. It’s very useful when you need a good balance between particle retention and speed. Applications include:

  • Foodstuffs analysis.
  • Soil analysis
  • Particle collection for XRF analysis (air pollution monitoring)
  • Inorganic analysis in construction, mining, and steel industries


Grade Typical Particle Retention in Liquid (µm)1 Filtration Speed Herzberg (s) Nominal Ash Content (%)3 Nominal Thickness (µm) Nominal Basis Weight (g/m2) Typical Water Flow Rate (mL/min)2 Nominal Air Flow Rate (s/100 mL/in2)
43 16 0.007 220 95 62 11