Laboratory Plasticware – Kartell

Plastic General Purpose Labware

Plastic hose connectors & adapters Plastic stopcocks taps Plastic funnels
Plastic flow indicators Stoppers Plastic stirrer rods
Plastic scoops Buchner funnel adapters Guko Plastic trays
Plastic tubing Rubber hot grip Plastic safety boxes
Rubber tubing Plastic sample vials
Silicone tubing Plastic watch glasses

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Plastic Bottles & Accessories

Bottles wide neck graduated Bottles  high density polyethylene Heavy walled bottles
Bottles square graduated Wash bottles Heavy walled bottles with tap
Bottles narrow neck graduated Dropping bottles
Bottles opaque Eye wash station

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Volumetric & Graduated Plasticware

Plastic measuring cylinders Plastic volumetric flasks Plastic imhoff cone
Plastic beakers Plastic conical flasks

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Microscopy & Microbiology Plasticware

Slide storage system Slide dispenser Staining racks
Slide boxes Slide trays Colorimetric trays
Slide mailers Staining Jars

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Filtration & Hand Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum desiccator plastic Non-return valve Hand vacuum pump
Water jet pump Buchner funnels plastic Funnels plastic

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Plastic Clamps and Supports

Draining rack Clamps for glass joints Spatulas plastic
Funnel holder Burette clamps plastic Flask holder
Separating funnel holder plastic Stands

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Plastic Test Tubes Centrifuge Tubes and Racks 

Plastic test tubes Test tube racks plastic Safety box
Plastic centrifuge tubes

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Plastic Pipette Accessories

Pipette washer Pipette stands Pipette trays
Pipette fillers

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Disposable Plasticware

Cuvettes for spectrophotometry Test tubes – conical graduated Pasteur pipettes
Micro test tubes Centrifuge tubes – conical grad. Weigh trays
Sample Cups Containers Dispenser tips
Disposable tubes Pipette tips Serological pipettes

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Kartell Technical Manual – Chemical resistance/compatibility


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