Mini Bench Top Incubator – Ambient +5°C to 65°C

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Constant Temperature Incubator – Heat Only – Ambient +5°C to +65ºC

The Mini Bench Top incubator is competitively priced and makes an excellent entry level incubator ideal for general laboratory use.

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Product Description

The Mini Bench Top Economy Incubator is a natural convection incuabtor with heating up to 65ºC. Competitively priced, this basic incubator is suitable where general heating is required, and is the popular choice for educational institutions. This model features bacteria resistant powder coat mild steel outer, with mirror stainless steel internal chamber. There is a doublelayer glass observation window for easy viewing of the product inside. PID microprocessor temperature control and over-temperature protection make this incubator the ideal choice in any laboratory.

Data logging
When optioned the controller can be connected via RS232/RS485 communication ports which can be connected directly to a data logger or computer to collect the information. Software is available for programming and monitoring.

Additional options
To suit your requirements the addition of options such as over-temperature thermostat, programmable controllers, printers, additional shelves and USB data storage are available.

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