Pipettes Graduated Class A – Soda Lime Glass

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Product Description

Pipettes with capacity graduation are used to dispense liquids. GraduatedĀ pipettes for complete delivery are called serological pipettes.Ā Graduated pipettes are calibrated ā€Exā€ (to deliver): The imprinted volumeĀ refers to the delivered amount of liquid.


  • Class A conformity certifiedĀ (fast delivery, circular graduation at main points): Conformity means compliance with the German Calibration Regulations and the relevant standards. A batch certificate of conformity is supplied together with every box. On request, individual certificates of conformity are available.


Our graduated pipettes are available with blue graduation. The blue graduation is fused on the glass and resistant against most acid and alkaline solutions.

  • made of soda lime glass
  • low risk of breakage
  • especially formed tips and ends, bevelled and fire-polished
  • calibrated tips provide short and practice-oriented waiting time
  • with colour coding for easy identification
  • with indication of tolerance
  • as from 5 ml capacity with constricted upper end to retain cotton plug.Ā A cotton plug placed above the constriction prevents an overflow of theĀ pipette. Furthermore, it can extend the waiting time and thereby influenceĀ the accuracy of the measuring.
  • well legible numbers and graduations
  • for complete delivery
  • graduated to tip, zero at top

Do not mouth pipette!