Refractometers – Brix

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$127.30 ex GST

Product Description

Brix Refractometers are versatile instruments designed for precise measurement of Brix concentration across different ranges. Here’s how they can be effectively utilized:

  1. Low Range:
    • Ideal for high-precision measurements in substances like fruit juice, tomato juice, cola, and various beverages.
    • Ensures accurate readings for applications where subtle changes in Brix content are crucial.
  2. Middle Range:
    • Suited for concentrated industrial fluids, offering reliable measurements for various manufacturing processes.
    • Provides a valuable tool for industries requiring control over the concentration of fluids in their operations.
  3. High Range:
    • Tailored for food products with elevated sugar content such as liquid sugar, honey, and other high-sugar content items.
    • Ensures accurate and efficient monitoring of sugar concentration in food processing.

Included Accessories:

  • Sample Dropper: Facilitates easy and precise application of the sample onto the refractometer for measurement.
  • Calibration Tool: A tool to ensure the accuracy of the refractometer’s readings, maintaining reliability over time.

Supplied Case:

  • The refractometer is conveniently supplied in a case, ensuring protection during storage and transportation.

Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, manufacturing, or any field requiring precise Brix concentration measurements, our Brix Refractometers are equipped to meet your diverse needs. Trust in the accuracy and convenience of these instruments for your applications.