100050 – Burettes Automatic acc. to Dr. Schilling Burette Capacity 10ml : 0,05 ml Bottle Capacity 500 ml

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Product Description

  • With automatic zero adjustment
  • the Schellbach stripe at the back of the clear glass burette facilitates reading precisely the meniscus of a liquid
  • Calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver)
  • Complete with plastic bottle and stable plastic base
  • Squeezing bottle allows rapid filling
  • Overflow tube at top of burette
  • Micrometer screw allows fine titration
  • Rough titration by releasing the micrometer screw and using the press button.

Burette: Boro 3.3. Error limits according to class B, DIN EN ISO 385
Filling tube: PVC,
Discharge tube: silicone,
Reservoir bottle: PE-LD,
Base: PE-HD,
Fitting, grey: Polyamide,
Micrometer screw: brass/PP.

Burette clear glass, with Schellbach stripe blue graduation according to Dr Schilling