Silica Gel – Self Indicating 2.5mm-6mm (10KG)

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Product Description

Amber coloured synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide in granular form. Colour changes from orange to dark bluegreen with moisture. Hygroscopic.

Insoluble in water. Incompatible with halogen oxides, hydrogen halides, strong acids. Avoid temperatures above 150 °C. Non combustible material.

Specific Properties and Impurities [Typical levels]:

Melting point: > 1000°C (decomposes)
Exhausted: Dark blue-green
Active: Orange
Loss on drying (at 120°C) < 1.8%
R.H. 20% – 8% min.
R.H. 35% – 13% min.
R.H. 50% – 20% min.
Qualified ratio of spherical particle: 90% min.

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