Tulip Clip Tray For Medium Mixers – To Suit OM6, RPM5, RM2, EOM5, ERPM4, Model No – TCT5

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Product Description

Stainless steel clips are available to suit conical flasks of various sizes. The clips are secured to this mounting tray by screws and can be easily removed or re-arranged. Different sized clips can be used at the same time when required.

  • Secures conical flasks for high-speed mixing
  • Simple drop-in lift-out tray, no fittings required
  • Accepts any combination of Ratek tulip clips
  • Clips can be relocated using simple screw fittings
  • Wide range of clip sizes available

Models supported TCT5 suits the following mixers: EOM5 Orbital, OM6 Orbital, RM2 Reciprocating, ERPM4 Rocking Platform, RPM5 Rocking Platform
Capacities All trays will accommodate a variety of clip sizes depending upon requirements. For maximum capacity of specific sizes please contact our office.