SALE! Transferpettes

We currently have a sale on the Transferpette’s below!

The Transferpette® S leverages advanced materials to deliver a pipette that is lightweight, highly precise, durable, and reliable—making it well-suited for challenging laboratory tasks. Notable features include convenient one-handed adjustment and operation, 4-digit volumetric accuracy, full autoclavability, and the implementation of BRAND’s Easy Calibration technique. The piston operates smoothly and free of jerks, facilitating effortless pipetting with a gentle touch. The combination of these features positions the Transferpette® S as a convenient and exceptionally reliable pipette for everyday laboratory routines.

Transferpette® S – Adjustable volume

  • Model D-20, 2-20µL single channel adjustable volume pipette
  • Centralized pipetting button with optimized stroke length; true one-handed operation
  • Brake to help protect against accidental volume changes
  • Always visible four-digit volume display
  • Completely and repeatedly autoclavable at 121°C/250°F (20 minutes)
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