SALE! Waterproof Platform Scales FG-CWP Series

Introducing A&D’s Highly Washable All Stainless Steel Platform Scales

While realizing fast and accurate weighing, A&D’s FG-CWP series of new waterproof platform scales allow cleaning with alcohol as well as rinse with water. This makes the series suitable for use in environments where avoiding hazards of contamination is imperative, such as food-processing factories.

IP67 dust & waterproof

In accordance with the IP67 rating of the IEC/EN standard 60529, the FG-CWP series is designed to prevent the intrusion of water even while immersed to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The scale also permits no particulate matters such as wheat flour or seasoned powder, which can damage the device, inside the housing.


Bright and multi-colored LED comparator lights
With highly intuitive comparator lights, check weighing (judging whether the measured weight is within the designated limits) becomes far more accurate and efficient than with a numeric display alone. For later use and simple changeover, the scale stores up to 10 comparator limit settings. You can easily save time and costs with these lights.



Other useful features

  •  Large LCD digits (30 mm character height) with white backlight that provides excellent
    visibility in dim light
  • Four selectable weighing resolutions: 1/3,000, 1/6,000 (or 1/7,500), 1/12,000 (or 15,000), and 1/30,000
  • Display hold function that makes it easy to read and record the display value when external
    disturbances can occur unexpectedly
  •  Adjustable response characteristics to optimize performance under the given environmental
    condition (e.g. vibration) at the location
  •  Counting mode to count a number of small pieces of the
    same weight instantly and precisely
  • Freely adjustable display angle to suit the convenience of
    individual operators
  • Password lock and key restriction functions to prevent
    operators from making unwanted changes to the scale
  • Impact shock detection (ISD) function that helps avoid
    errors or damage to the load cell due to impact loads



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