SALE! Waterproof Platform Scales FG-CWP Series

Introducing A&D’s Highly Washable All Stainless Steel Platform Scales

The FG-CWP series of waterproof platform scales by A&D are capable of providing fast and precise weighing, and they offer the convenience of easy cleaning. These scales are not only resistant to water but also allow for cleaning with alcohol, making them suitable for use in environments where avoiding contamination hazards is crucial, such as food-processing factories.

IP67 dust & waterproof

The IP67 rating of the IEC/EN standard NUM0 is adhered to in the design of the FG-CWP series. This rating signifies that the scales are constructed to prevent the intrusion of water, even when immersed to a depth of 1 meter for a duration of 30 minutes. This level of water resistance makes the FG-CWP series suitable for environments where exposure to water is a concern.


Bright and multi-colored LED comparator lights

The FG-CWP series features highly intuitive comparator lights, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of check weighing processes. Check weighing involves determining whether the measured weight falls within designated limits, and the inclusion of comparator lights provides a visual indication, making the process more effective than relying solely on a numeric display.

Other useful features

  • Large LCD Digits. The large LCD display on the scale features a 30 mm character height and comes with a white backlight. This ensures excellent visibility even in dim light conditions, providing clear and easily readable weight information.
  • Selectable Weighing Resolutions. Four selectable weighing resolutions (1/3,000, 1/6,000 or 1/7,500, 1/12,000 or 1/15,000, and 1/30,000) offer flexibility to optimize precision based on specific weighing requirements.
  • Display Hold Function. The display hold function facilitates easy reading and recording of the display value, especially in scenarios where external disturbances may occur unexpectedly.
  • Adjustable Response Characteristics. The environmental conditions at the installation location can be adjusted to optimize the response characteristics of the scale.
  • Counting Mode. The counting mode allows users to instantly and precisely count a number of small pieces of the same weight.
  • Adjustable Display Angle. The display angle is freely adjustable to accommodate the convenience of individual operators, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience.
  • Password Lock and Key Restriction Functions. Security features, including password lock and key restriction functions, help prevent unauthorized changes to the scale settings.
  • Impact Shock Detection (ISD) Function. The ISD function detects impact shocks, helping to avoid errors or damage to the load cell that may occur due to sudden impact loads.

These features collectively contribute to the versatility, accuracy, and user-friendly operation of the FG-CWP series in various weighing scenarios.



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