Shaking Water Baths

Shaking Water Bath SWB10D240

The Ratek SWB10D240 is a compact, precision-heated shaking water bath designed for tasks requiring low volume and gentle agitation at lower temperatures. It features a heating plate beneath the cradle for easy bath cleaning, and the tank is constructed from high-quality stainless steel with rounded corners for enhanced cleaning convenience. The unit comes equipped with a precise digital temperature control, accurate to 0.1°C, displayed on a large LCD screen. With the digital PID controller ensuring stability in temperature control within the range of ambient +5°C to 70°C, the platform speed is effectively managed by Ratek’s solid-state direct-drive motor/gearbox system. The LCD screen provides information on the current or set temperature, and user-friendly controls facilitate temperature adjustments. The SWB10D240 is applicable in various fields such as biomedical, life science, industrial, and food and wine testing. Its stainless steel outer case ensures durability and spill resistance, and internal insulation maximizes temperature stability. As a compact unit suitable for everyday workstations, the SWB10D240 offers precision and stability comparable to its larger counterpart, the SWB20D, making it ideal for tasks involving small numbers of tubes or smaller flasks.

Shaking Water Bath SWB20D

The Ratek SWB20D shaking water bath offers a spacious shaking platform for sample agitation alongside precise temperature control. Its digital PID control ensures accuracy and stability in temperature regulation, maintaining settings from ambient +5°C to 99.9°C. The smooth, repeatable, and nearly silent belt drive system manages the platform speed. The large LCD screen displays the current or set temperature, with user-friendly controls for temperature adjustments. This versatile unit finds application across biomedical, life science, industrial, and food and wine testing fields. Customization options are available for larger sizes to meet specific requirements. For below-ambient work, the SWB20D can accommodate an RC1 cooling coil without sacrificing workspace. Constructed with food-grade polished stainless steel for submerged parts and insulated for temperature stability, the tank ensures hygiene and efficiency. The outer case, made from corrosion-resistant plastic, enhances durability and spill resistance. Recommend gabled lids made from stainless steel or polycarbonate for accurate temperature control and to minimize water evaporation. They offer the RR20 universal rack to secure vessels onto the platform during high-speed shaking. Moreover, since its introduction in 1995, the SWB20 range has seen thousands of units still in operation today, serving as a testament to its superior design and reliability.

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