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brand logo for ohausWe offer a diverse selection of Dry Block Heaters designed for applications demanding temperature stability. Our range includes OHAUS and RATEK block heaters, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. These microchip-controlled heating blocks with advanced heater technology provide a safe and convenient solution for heating samples in various vessels such as flasks, tubes, and vials. Achieve consistent and precise temperature control with our quality dry block heaters.


dry block heater with tubesThe close tube-to-block contact of our dry block heaters ensures maximum heat retention, facilitating efficient and uniform heating. We provide both high-wattage constant-temp analogue models, offering an economical option, and digital models that excel in providing exceptional temperature uniformity and stability. These heaters are ideal for applications requiring repeatable and precise results.



OHAUS Dry Block Units hold optional interchangeable modular blocks with over 40 options.

  • Digital Models can be Calibrated to an External Temperature Deviceempty dry block heater
  • Delivering Exceptional Temperature Stability and Uniformity
  • Accurate and Fast Sample Heating with PID Microprocessor Temperature Control (Digital Models)
  • Digital models feature easy to use touchpad controls with independent displays for temperature and time.
  • Robust non-digital models are controlled with dual temperature adjustment knobs.

The Dry Block Heaters are available as One Block, Two Block, Four Block and Six Block capacities.

ohaus 6 block dry heater for heating tubes and vials

The six-block capacity allows you the most flexibility to process multiple samples simultaneously with one device.




Dry Blocks

dry block for heaters

OHAUS Dry Block Heater accessories offer modular blocks designed to accommodate a wide range of samples. These blocks ensure optimal heat transfer and maximum heat retention by providing close contact between tubes and block walls. Additionally, most blocks are equipped with a thermometer well for convenient block temperature measurement. Anodized for resistance to corrosion and rust, these blocks are durable for long-term laboratory use. Low-temperature covers are also available to minimize airflow, contributing to enhanced temperature stability during experiments.


black dry block to hold tubes and vials for a dry block heaterRatek blocks are specifically designed to fit the complete range of Ratek dry block heaters, ensuring compatibility with various applications. These blocks also fit many other brands of dry block heaters. Featuring dimensions of L95mm x W75mm x H50mm and constructed from solid anodized aluminum, Ratek blocks offer rapid heat transfer and quick block heat-up when used with Ratek dry block heaters. Excellent temperature uniformity is maintained, and each block comes with a thermometer hole for reference. Customized blocks are also available upon request in 50mm, 80mm, and 100mm depths to suit diverse applications.


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