The Brannan range of timers available in our stock is versatile and suitable for various applications. These timers come complete with batteries and detailed operating instructions. Designed for ease of use, reliability, and accuracy, our range includes digital timers and counters such as stopwatches, benchtop counters, and handheld tally counters.

Digital timers are essential tools for tracking time, whether to trigger a specific action, start timing upon a triggered action, or both. These timers provide precise and efficient timekeeping for a wide range of activities.

Four timers in one compact unit. 24-hour countdown and up. 12/24-hour clock. Counter automatically continues to count up when countdown time reached. Magnetic back, hanging hook and desk stand with large, easy to read LCD.


99 minute, 59 second countdown and up timer. With stand, clip, hanging hook and magnetic fixings.



Counts up and down to 24 hours. Timer sets to hours, minutes, and seconds. Memory function. The clock can be set to either 12 or 24 hours. Large easy to use buttons. Flat stable operation. Loud beep.
Popular timer for Australian Rules Football and Netball. Also, a good all-round timer in kitchens.

Ideal For: Kitchens • Schools • Hairdressers • Laboratories • Business meetings • Medication reminder



Digital thermometers offer ease of use, accuracy, and durability, making them suitable for a variety of applications. They can be used to measure air or fluid temperatures, surface temperatures, high-temperature environments, and more. Equipped with clear LCD displays that show fine resolutions, these thermometers eliminate the need for interpolation between division marks. Additional features such as maximum-minimum readings, memory alarms, and selectable units enhance their usefulness in both field and laboratory settings.

Water resistant thermometer (to IP65) with max/min memory and hold function. 120mm stainless steel probe with pocket case and clip. Temperature range -40+240°C



Water resistant small digital meat thermometer with max/min memory and 110mm stainless steel probe. This small test/meat thermometer is supplied with a protective pock case and clip. Battery included. Temperature range -10+200°C



Robust, water-resistant thermometer (to IP65) withhold function and auto power off. Thermometer has hanging hook and 125mm stainless steel (304) probe with pocket case and clip. Probe thermometers can be supplied with UKAS Calibration Certificate or Statement of Conformity on request. Temperature range -40+200°C


This hand-held digital test thermometer features a robust 120mm stainless steel probe connected by a 1.5m lead. Also with functions including temperature hold and max min memory, the hand-held digital test thermometer is supplied complete with hanger, stand and magnetic fixings. Temperature range -50+200°C



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