Environmental Meters

We have a range of Environmental Meters available online for purchase




Discover the ultimate solution for measuring wind speed and direction – our high-performance anemometers. Elevate your experience with accuracy and reliability.

Humidity Meters

Experience unparalleled accuracy as our cutting-edge meters calculate humidity by measuring the capacitance or resistance of air samples. Elevate your humidity monitoring to new heights!


Light Meters

The Light Meter, a meticulously crafted, highly sensitive device tailored to measure the intensity of light. Whether it’s capturing incident light falling on a surface or evaluating the brilliance reflected from an object, our light meter ensures accuracy in every reading. Elevate your lighting assessment with our advanced and versatile light meter for a clearer, brighter perspective.

Sound Meters

A versatile device also known as a decibel meter and sound pressure level (SPL) gauge. This advanced instrument is meticulously designed to measure sound pressure levels, employing a decibel scale for accurate readings. Elevate your sound monitoring experience with our state-of-the-art sound level meter, ensuring precision and clarity in every measurement.





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