Moisture Analysers with SRA Technology

Experience Swift and Safe Measurements with A&D’s Cutting-Edge Technology!

Harness the Power of Innovation with A&D’s State-of-the-Art Technology. Our straight halogen lamp, coupled with the uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter, guarantees faster and more uniform heating. This transformative combination results in significantly shorter measurement times, allowing you to optimize efficiency in your analytical processes. With an ergonomically designed pan handle, we have eliminated potential mishaps, such as burns, ensuring safety when maneuvering a hot sample tray. Feel confident and move with efficiency, whether you’re inserting or removing the tray from the unit. Thanks to our groundbreaking design that places equal emphasis on both speed and safety, your measurement experience is elevated to new heights. Upgrade to A&D’s cutting-edge technology and redefine the way you measure.

Key Features
  • Fast and Uniform Heating. Our moisture analyzer utilizes a straight halogen lamp and innovative SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter, ensuring rapid and uniform heating for shorter measurement times.
  • High Repeatability. Equipped with a Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) as the weight sensor, the analyzer enables ultra-accurate moisture content determination based on high-precision weighing, even for small samples.
  • Low Moisture Content Measurement. Achieve a remarkable 0.001% resolution for low moisture content samples, comparable to the Karl Fischer method, without specialized knowledge or training, and without generating harmful waste.
  • Real-time Graph Displaying. Utilize the WinCT-Moisture (for MS&MX) software for a connected PC, offering real-time graph displaying of moisture content rate changes during measurements.
  • Accuracy Checking. The analyzer comes standard with Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate for accuracy checking, maintaining a stable moisture content of 15.66%.
  • Heater Temperature Calibration. With the optional temperature calibrator, achieve GLP, GMP, ISO-conforming calibration results for the heater temperature.
  • Memory Function. Store and recall up to 20 suitable measurement conditions and up to 100 measurement results, saving time and preventing errors in settings.
  • Five Measurement Programs. Choose from Standard, Automatic, Quick, Timer, and Manual Mode, providing flexibility in measurement approach.
  • Selectable Heating Mode. Opt. for the most suitable heating mode, choosing from standard, quick, step, and ramp heating modes.
  • Clear and Easy-to-See Display. The large VFD display presents crucial information, such as measurement details, setting values, moisture content changes, action status, and data numbers, with clarity.
  • Easy Handling. An ergonomically designed pan handle ensures safety when moving a hot sample pan in or out from either side. The wing handle facilitates easy opening and closing of the heater cover.
  • Low Maintenance Cost. The user-replaceable halogen lamp and protective chamber design enable hassle-free lamp replacement without unit downtime, offering a cost-effective solution.

Redefine your moisture analysis experience with A&D’s Moisture Analyzer – where precision, efficiency, and user-friendly design come together seamlessly.




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