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pH meter pocket and compactWhat is a pH meter

A pH meter is an instrument used to measure acidity or alkalinity of a solution – also known as pH. pH is the unit of measure that describes the degree of acidity or alkalinity. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14.

These meters are used in a variety of industries and applications, including food and beverage, environmental testing, agricultural, and scientific research.

For example there are two main types of pH meter: handheld pH meters and benchtop pH meters. Handheld pH meters are portable and easy to use, while a benchtop pH meter is more accurate and offer more features and functions.

HORIBA pH meters typically consist of three parts: the meter itself, an electrode, and a reference solution. The electrode is used to measure the pH of the solution being tested. The reference solution is used to calibrate the electrode.

Calibration is important because it ensures that the pH meter is providing accurate readings.

What is a pH meter used for?pH bench meter

The pH can control the availability of nutrients, biological functions, microbial activity, and the behaviour of chemicals. Because of this, monitoring or controlling the pH of soil, water, and food or beverage products is important for a wide variety of applications.

For example, in the food and beverage industry, pH is used to ensure that products are safe for consumption. In agriculture, pH is used to optimize plant growth and crop yields. And in environmental applications, pH is used to monitor water quality.

No matter the application, having a reliable and accurate pH meter is critical to ensuring the safety and quality of products or processes.

Our Horiba Range of pH meterspH Portable handheld meter

From 1950, when HORIBA pioneered glass electrode pH meters in Japan, they have been continuously evolving to meet customers’ requirements with the latest technology.

If you are looking for a versatile product with high technology and accuracy, LAQUA is the best choice for you. Furthermore we offer compact (pocket) meters, portable meters and bench meters to meet the needs for any application. See the links below to view our products and prices




pH meter electrodespH electrode

pH electrodes are analytical sensors for measuring potential of hydrogen (pH).  The majority of today’s pH electrode types are known as combination electrodes. Combination electrodes have the glass Hydrogen Ion (H+) sensitive electrode and an additional reference electrode all in one housing. Most of the HORIBA combination type pH electrodes also have an in-built temperature sensor to provide automatic temperature compensated (ATC) pH measurements without the need for an additional temperature probe.


Calibrations for pH meterCalibration Solution

pH buffers standardised at 250C and colour coded for easy recognition

  • pH4 = Red
  • pH7 = Green
  • pH10 = Blue

Our buffers are electrometrically checked against standard primary buffer solutions in accordance with NIST using traceable reagents. Certificates of analysis are available on request.



If you have any questions about pH meters or need help choosing the right one for your application, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today! 

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