New HORIBA IG-340 Gloss Checker

Gloss is a crucial visual characteristic of an object’s surface, representing the degree of light reflected from its surface, commonly referred to as glossiness. The perception of glossiness can be subjective and influenced by factors such as weather conditions and an individual’s visual abilities. The IG-340 gloss meter is designed to quantify gloss measurements, providing an objective numerical gloss value for accurate assessment.

The user-friendly interface of the gloss checker IG-340 ensures intuitive operations for immediate gloss measurement on-site. Its ergonomic and lightweight design allows it to be easily held and operated with one hand. With a track record of over 50,000 units sold worldwide, the IG-340 demonstrates high accuracy, repeatability, and precision, making it an essential tool for appearance checks and quality control of various objects.

The IG-340 meter employs a widely used measurement angle of 60°, enabling precise measurement across a spectrum from low gloss surfaces to highly polished textures.


This functionality allows gloss measurement on diverse materials, including stone, wood, leather, rubber, glass, metal, and plastic. Applications range from floor maintenance, car polishing to the inspection of stone and building materials’ appearance. The Ingress Protection IP42* makes it suitable for outdoor gloss measurement in areas with water drops.

Its internal memory can store up to 100 readings and 200 average data with time and date stamps. The IG-340 facilitates instant data output via USB connection without requiring dedicated software. This enables easy generation of QA and professional reports. With user-friendly features, it doesn’t demand any special measurement technique. Making it accessible for everyone and a valuable tool for reporting on performed works and quality inspection.




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