New portable water quality meters from HORIBA

LAQUA 200 Series

The latest addition to the HORIBA product lineup is the LAQUA 200 series portable water quality meters. Meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of end-users. Targeting professionals in water and wastewater industries, environmental monitoring, agriculture, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors, these meters are engineered to withstand challenging operational conditions.

Comprising 10 robust and user-friendly models, the LAQUA 200 series offers exceptional value for various applications. These meters measure crucial water quality parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, and temperature. Tailored models are available for each parameter, and the series also includes versatile multi-parameter meters to meet the comprehensive needs of users.

Armand Uchtmann, Commercial Business Manager of Water Quality Instruments EMEA of HORIBA, comments: “For any process that requires water quality monitoring, the LAQUA 200 series provides excellent versatility. This is why it will appeal to users in so many industries. Meters in the range are ideal for many water quality monitoring situations, such as determining the acidity of a food or drink or recording dissolved oxygen levels in water for environmental studies. Above all else though, all models in the feature-rich LAQUA 200 series represent unrivalled quality and value-for-money.”

Weighing just 216g (excluding batteries), the LAQUA 200 series stands out as a highly portable solution. Offering a suite of features tailored for field use. Equipped with a large, scratch-resistant backlit LCD screen featuring a white LED for visibility in low-light conditions, these meters ensure user comfort during prolonged testing in the field. With an ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design (slightly larger than an average smartphone), the series guarantees ease of use. Additionally, these meters are rugged, waterproof (IP67 rated), and boast a battery capacity supporting over 500 hours of operation. This makes them suitable for extended use in challenging outdoor environments.

Certain models within the LAQUA 200 series offer data storage for up to 1000 sets of data with a date and time stamp. The meters facilitate data transfer to a PC/laptop via USB and printing through RS-232.

Specific parameter models include the PH210 and PH220 meters for pH levels (-2 to 16) and ORP (±2000mV), EC210 and EC220 meters for conductivity (up to 200mS/cm) and TDS (up to 100ppt), resistance, and salinity, as well as the DO210 and DO220 meters for dissolved oxygen (up to 20.00mg/L). The series also includes multi-parameter meters (PC210, PC220, PD210, and PD220) capable of measuring two or more of the aforementioned parameters. All meters in the series measure temperature in the range of -30 to 13ºC. Supplied in a robust carry case complete with calibration solutions, the LAQUA 200 series ensures practical and reliable water quality measurements in the field.

Uchtmann concludes: “The 200 series provides the benefits of high accuracy and easy operation, all while being excellent value for money and perfect for a variety of applications.”

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