NEW!! HORIBA ORP-11 LAQUAtwin Compact ORP Meter

LAQUAtwin ORP-11: The World’s First Pocket-Sized ORP and Eh Meter

HORIBA’s innovative compact meter seamlessly integrates the electrode, display, and sample container. This facilitates straightforward and efficient on-site testing through direct measurement with just a single drop. This pocket-sized ORP meter stands out as the only device capable of measuring both ORP value and Eh value (voltage reading vs. the Standard Hydrogen Electrode or SHE).

Precision is guaranteed with the replaceable sensor, featuring a platinum disk, enabling measurements in samples as small as 0.3 ml (or 0.05 ml with the included sampling sheet). The meter covers a wide measurement range from -1000 mV to 1000 mV, ensuring accurate readings across a diverse spectrum.

The meter makes one-point auto calibration easy by automatically recognizing and calibrating with the provided 225 mV standard solution. Users can also achieve custom calibration using other ORP standard solutions. The meter boasts exceptional accuracy with a margin of +/- 2mV, delivering precise results consistently.

Convenient features include Auto Stable and Auto Hold measurement modes. This aids users in recording stable readings by displaying a smiley indicator and freezing the reading. The meter also displays temperatures up to 50.0°C, allowing for temperature compensation and correction through its calibration function.

With an IP67 rating, this meter is waterproof and dustproof. Featuring a digital LCD with a backlit display for enhanced visibility. The ORP-11 meter comes as a complete package for on-the-go testing. This includes a 225 mV ORP standard solution (14 ml), an abrasive cotton swab for platinum disk polishing, dropper, batteries, and 5 sampling sheets.



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