NEW!! F-11 LAQUAtwin Compact Fluoride Ion Meter

Introducing the LAQUAtwin F-11, a groundbreaking advancement in fluoride ion analysis – the world’s first pocket-sized fluoride ion meter. This revolutionary device redefines convenience and precision in water testing.


  • Micro-Sample Measurement Capabilities:
    • The F-11’s replaceable sensor, featuring a lanthanum trifluoride crystal, allows precise measurements in samples as small as 0.3 ml (or 0.1 ml with a sampling sheet).
  • Extensive Measurement Range:
    • Covering 0.1 to 990 ppm or mg/L, the F-11 provides accurate fluoride ion readings, catering to a diverse range of applications with reliability.
  • Unmatched Accuracy:
    • Boasting an accuracy of 2% of the actual value, the F-11 sets a new standard for precision, ensuring trustworthy results for all your fluoride ion analyses.
  • Convenient Two-Point Auto Calibration:
    • Achieve precision effortlessly with the F-11’s two-point auto calibration. The meter recognizes and calibrates with 1 ppm and 10 ppm fluoride ion standard solutions included in the kit. Customize calibration using other standard solutions with a ten-fold concentration difference.
  • Multiplying Compensation Function:
    • The meter features a multiplying compensation function, addressing sample dilution concerns and guaranteeing accurate concentration calculations.
  • Auto Stable & Auto Hold Measurement Modes:
    • Effortlessly record stable readings with the F-11’s smiley indicator and freeze reading capabilities, ensuring ease of use in any testing scenario.
  • Temperature Calibration:
    • Displaying temperatures up to 50.0°C, the F-11 allows for temperature correction through its calibration function, guaranteeing precise results in varying environmental conditions.
  • IP67 Rating:
    • Designed to withstand the elements, the F-11 is waterproof and dustproof. The digital LCD with a backlit display ensures easy readability even in challenging conditions.
  • Complete On-the-Go Testing Package:
    • The F-11 includes everything you need for comprehensive fluoride ion testing on the move – 1ppm and 10ppm fluoride ion standard solutions (14 ml each), TISAB solution (14 ml), a 5-ml plastic beaker, batteries, syringe, and 5 sampling sheets. Experience the ultimate convenience and accuracy with the LAQUAtwin F-11, wherever your testing takes you.

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