Tube Roller Mixer

Versatile Tube and Bottle Rolling

Ratek’s Australian-made roller mixers are versatile and can accommodate a variety of vials, small bottles, and test tubes in different sizes. Each pair of rollers is capable of holding up to 1 kilogram, providing flexibility for various laboratory applications. For instance, the BTR10 model can handle up to 54 x 5ml blood tubes. The coated aluminum rollers are mounted on eccentric drive spindles, allowing for both rocking and rolling motions, ensuring thorough mixing.

Roller Mixers for Laboratory Settings

Users can choose between eccentric and parallel rollers based on their preferences. The rollers’ speed is variable, ranging from 10 to 60 rpm, catering to a wide spectrum of mixing requirements. The sprocket and chain drive, coupled with ball race roller mounting, ensure smooth and trouble-free operation. Both the BTR5 and BTR10 roller mixers are designed to run continuously for extended periods. Thismakes them suitable for unattended use in laboratory settings.

The BTR range is designed to provide a gentle rocking and rolling motion, generating an end-to-end wave inside the vessel while the container rolls around it. This motion is particularly useful for various laboratory applications where mixing or agitation is required. For situations where only rolling is necessary, specialized models like the BTR5P-12V and BTR10P-12V are available. Additionally, upon request, models with fewer rollers can be customized to suit specific needs, such as accommodating culture bottles and larger containers. This flexibility allows the BTR range to cater to a wide range of mixing and rolling requirements in laboratory settings.

The BTR range is powered by Swiss-made motors known for their extended and quiet service life. As well as exceptional reliability. This reliability, combined with the quiet operation and durability of the Swiss motors, has contributed to the widespread use of these tube rollers in laboratories globally for many years. The Swiss motor’s reputation for quality and performance adds to the overall reliability and longevity of the BTR range, making it a trusted choice for various laboratory applications.

Ideal for applications such as the mixing of blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions where minimal aeration is required. Can also be used in aiding the de-frosting of samples.


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